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Created: Feb 13, 2011
wdwben Created: Feb 13, 2011
I installed Directv2pc awhile back and it was working find. Now when I start the program I see my recievers and can see my recorded shows but when I try to play one I get a message "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information." I am not sure what I installed that caused th...
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Created: Feb 5, 2016
knarfognum Created: Feb 5, 2016
Is their a way to print the Favorites list?
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Created: Jan 28, 2015
pacotaco Created: Jan 28, 2015
Been reading about DirectTV2PC on forum and found a link to download. The setup is looking for a serial number??
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Created: Dec 31, 2015
eibrown2 Created: Dec 31, 2015
While viewing live TV on my computer and logged in to DirecTV, I can view a program for maybe 5 minutes, then it just stops streaming on it's own. I have to shut down the live stream screen, find the channel, and start streaming again, but only for another 5 minutes, and it just loops this problem over and over. Is there a setting that will allow me to stream live TV on m...
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Created: Dec 14, 2015
WShort Created: Dec 14, 2015
I've got a 5 room setup: Genie, 3xmini Genies, and an HD DVR. The Genie is connected to internet through it's built in wireless network adapter. Computer is a different part of the house. The home network finds the Genie on the network. I go to watch directv online from the computer, it also finds the device and will start to stream whatever channel is selected. The video...
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Created: Oct 26, 2015
brokebit Created: Oct 26, 2015
similar to others all I get is the id/password run around. dtv and att each claim their side is correct and tell me to go talk to the other. Sounds like they are too big for their own good.
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Created: Sep 24, 2015
gumbytvg Created: Sep 24, 2015
Cant Stream T N Football?
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Created: Nov 22, 2015
gilstracjunk Created: Nov 22, 2015
It appears the systems cannot access the directv when your router is setup with a vpn. Can you confirm this?
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Created: May 5, 2012
mgbyrnes426 Created: May 5, 2012
Installing Directv Everywhere on your MAC causes an exception popup to constantly appear making your system useless. The popup is caused by a command running within the directory Library/NDSPCShowServer. To resolve either rename or move that directory to trash.
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Created: Nov 19, 2015
mono0101 Created: Nov 19, 2015
I have had this problem for a month on tcm and sony hd channels jerky video when the movies move almost like a judder. have had a tech come out and replace everything still have problem anybody else having this problem? have hdmi cables hook up and video set at 1080i format thank you.
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