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Created: Feb 6, 2016
Coopdaddy Created: Feb 6, 2016
I am getting upgraded to a new Genie Box. My current box is experiencing major latency issues. Is there a way to save the shows we have saved on the current series manager so that they can be copied to the new box? If we cannot save them, then how do we manage this when many of the shows are not active at the moment? If we have to redo manually, are we able to do this onl...
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Created: Aug 25, 2014
no_target Created: Aug 25, 2014
I have had an HR34 for 18 months and from the beginning I've complained to DTV about slow menus, occasional 15-20 second delays on channel changes, terrible responsiveness on ff/rew/play/pause controls - anyone with an HR34 is experiencing these issues. This forum is full of similar reports. I knew at the time I got the HR34 that there was an HR44 that was reportedly fast...
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Created: Jan 27, 2016
Rsnowaski Created: Jan 27, 2016
Just recently my Genie where I have been able to record up to 5 programs at a time has started giving me a warning and changing the channel when 2 programs are recording at once. How do I fix this?
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Created: Jul 12, 2015
handyandy Created: Jul 12, 2015
IIn another thread in this forum someone reported a new problem where Genie was failing to record series when requested. I wasn't able to answer in that thread so I'm starting a new one. The advice given in that thread was along the lines of "don't worry about what the To Do list says - everything will record just fine". I tried following advice. I didn't worry that the s...
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Created: Feb 1, 2016
Mafl063897 Created: Feb 1, 2016
Hi I'm a Mastec employee as a Directv installer, wondering if the genie is capable of autotune like the regular HD receivers? Autotune is a great feature customers miss it when upgrading to genie system. Ty
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Created: Jan 29, 2016
Thib337 Created: Jan 29, 2016
I have my "Favorites" set to "Channels I Get". But in the guide there are channels that I don't get. Any ideas?
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Created: Oct 22, 2015
bounce43 Created: Oct 22, 2015
For the last month DVR has been slow to react to remote commands. It started about the time DVR was about 75% full, I did a reset 3 times , still the same. I am now at about 58% full and still slow. Any suggestions. Had this problem about a year ago and did 4 resets in a row and that made it work.
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Created: Jan 27, 2016
birdy99 Created: Jan 27, 2016
On demand movies are often unable to fast forward...why is this valuable feature not always available??? Jay Owen
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Created: Jan 4, 2016
wfaulkner Created: Jan 4, 2016
(A) The DTV controlled "Channels I Get" favorite list displays channels that I don't get, using the same white color (not grey) that's used to display the channels that I have subscribed to (#unusable; show me what I can get, not 500+ more that I can't get). (B) Why are there only two customer lists and why when there's a working internet connection and a 100Mbps data net...
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Created: Nov 11, 2014
sl4ppy13 Created: Nov 11, 2014
I am having all sorts of trouble getting my new Samsung TV with DirecTV supported RVU client to connect to my HR44. I have all devices connected via ethernet and all of them have the proper IP addresses for the same network. However when I add my RVU TV as a client to the HR44 is constantly fails at the MOCA test. From everything I read, the HR44 has does not need the DEC...
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