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Loss of local channels


Loss of local channels

I talked to a supervisor who said he was going to escalate my inquiry to see why i lost my local channels, but shortly after he said that, the line was disconnected. As part of the new update to DTN I have lost the ability to watch my local channels on my work computer. My work computer is located in a 48197 zip code and tied to a work ethernet connection. My home location is a 48186 zip code, which is 30 minutes down the road. Before this major DTN update, I was able to watch my local channels from my work computer. Effective today, with this update, FOX and CBS are not even listed on the channel guide, and ABC and NBC say the following when I click on " Program Not Available on this channel in your current location." So, initially DTN staff was trying to tell me the zip code of my IP address didn't match where I currently was, and that is why. However that is crap because EVERY DAY for the 2 months I have been  subscriber, I have  been able to access my local channels on this same exact work computer. I have also been able to access from other independent locations, such as the gym. Now, magically today, in correlation with this update I can not. Further proof the theory they are giving me is garbage: I HAVE NOT yet updated the DIrectTV now IPHONE app in dear of losing my local channels. So, i open the OLD app on my iPhone, which is on the SAME INTERNET CONNECTION as my work computer, and I CANNNNN watch all my local channels. Oh, need more proof this is a glitch as part of their new service? If I go to the OLD DIRECT TV NOW website, which has the OLD GUIDE and OLD SERVICE (www.directvnow.com/watch), I can watch my local channels from my work computer. So basically, I just want someone from ATT/DTN to actually acknowledge this is a screw up and fix this immediately. Unfortunately, it just seems they are in their own world of crappy service right now and have no desire to help. 

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Re: Loss of local channels

Here it is April 2019 and I am having the same problems that people were complaining about last year. Tryed to get support through the chat option and was kept on the phone for an hour and they made things worse before I was abandoned on the chat line. My problem was that I had the wrong local channels but the chat people reset something and now I have NO local channels. At least I could watch the national news on the wrong local channel … now I can't watch any news. ATT is stealing my money by not providing what they are charging me for. Their customer service is HORRIBLE. They should be ashamed to take people's money. I wish I knew who to complain to at the FCC.

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