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Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

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Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

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Let’s be real. Everyone is cutting the cord and streaming content these days. It is becoming a big part of our digital lives! If this is you, we want to share a few things with you that will improve your DIRECTV NOW streaming experience.


Connection Speeds


  • An internet speed of at least 6 mbps is recommended for streaming content. Click here for more information.
  • If you are experiencing intermittent streams, you can run a speed test to get more information on your connection
  • Test hardwired if possible: This will get you a more “true” test result since hardwired is less susceptible to interferences. Your speed test should match up with your internet plan.
  • Test your distance: Wireless weakens over distance. Test in different parts of your home.
  • Test with a single active device: Extra devices consume the shared bandwidth.
  • Test each device: Not all devices operate the same, so testing one device at a time can show differences in connectivity.


Improve the Stream


If connecting wireless, there are several things that can be done to improve the signal, such as:

  • Changing the Wireless Channel: If you have AT&T Internet, check out how to change your Wireless Channel for NVG/Motorola and 2Wire/Pace)
  • Removing Environmental Interference: Speakers and other electronics can impact speeds. Take a look at this graphic for more information.
  • Reducing the number of devices: The more devices connected, the slower speeds can be.
  • Updating your plan: Have extra bandwidth to compensate for X-factors (additional devices, streams requiring more bandwidth). If you have AT&T service, log into your account at att.com to see what upgrades are available!


Tips to Speed up your Equipment


  • Scan for viruses.
  • Close all programs you are not using.
  • Clear your browser’s cache/cookies.
  • Make sure the Network Adapter is functioning properly (updated drivers).
  • Disable hardware acceleration for older computers/internet devices.
  • Reduce internet device's memory usage to have memory available for streaming.
  • Disable firewalls.


Happy Streaming!!



Need more help? Search through the DIRECTV NOW Community for great answers. Get diy help with your account, device setup, and streaming with DIRECTV NOW eSupport or contact us 24/7 on chat. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @directvnowhelp!

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

It was frustrating to watch the NFL divisional championships last night because of your buffering issue. When will you fix this recurring issue? You’re turning off subscribers!

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?


off customers is a DTVN specialty. Messaging here is an excercise in futility, because the AT&T posters are not empowered to do much of anything. DTVN representatives are not the corporate decision makers and should not be pesecuted because those in power just don't care. Customers turning off DTVN will get some attention, although there seems to be a perception of an unlimited supply of customers who might sign up.


If DTVN had a robust and capable "back end" infrastructure it would not be an issue. Investment is the secret and AT&T may know that, if they don't I'm available to consult at an embarrassing hourly rate. Estimating that I can at least begin to explain it to you in 500 to 750  billable hours.


Fix it DTVN...

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

What does a customer do when the DTVN resolution is poor (< 720P), they have 1000 MB/sec fiber optic Internet (the fastest), they don't use Wi-Fi but do use 1000MB Ethernet via cat-6+ cable, have only one TV on, and want to just watch the news when they come home from work?  And when they are using an Amazon Fire TV or a Roku Ultra, with the best and most reliable throughput avaialble, and DTVN still buffers like mad?  Answer me that?  Let a few of your engineers, who know what's keeping this service down in the mud, speak freely about why the service is so deplorable.  You'd never allow that. They'd be out of a job the next day.

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

I just don't see how anyone can use the word, "beautifully" with regard to DTVN and streaming.  Both the original app and the beta app take forever to load, to load the guide and then to load a stream.  Surfing is totally out of the question.   After loading and selecting a channel, watching is interrupted every 3 or 4 or 5 minutes with a stutter and "loading" message.  I'm testing the beta and seed these messages all the time:  "mmm, this is taking longer than expected to load," or, "mmm, that was unexpected," or, "Your connection was lost.  Attempting to re-connect."   These messages are COMMON and repetitive.


Nothing, I mean NO OTHER streaming service is as fu($ed up as DTVN.  My sister and my niece have Youtube TV.  I spent a good bit of time at their houses last week playing with and testing it.  One THOUSAND percent better:  In performance, interface, and features.  I am very close to being gone from DTVN.

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ACE - Professor

Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

No problems here
Award for Community Excellence 2019 Achiever*
*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

When it works, it works fine. Only problem on the Beta it will be down for days. My main issue is the app doesn't completely exit automatically,  which causes problems. 

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

I've been with DirecTV NOW since it's start.  The first few months it was beyond awful especially at prime times.  I've always streamed from an Apple TV 4 or 4K unit.  We have a full gigabit symmetrical fiber circuit.  Everything is wired.  I work in the IT industry.  Connectivity, firewall security and advanced problem solving is all I do for a living.  Although the service has gotten much better and the new App is nicer which  adds features that are great (when they work) I still see frequent buffering, or messages saying "this is taking longer than expected..", etc.  


It would be so nice if someone at DirecTV NOW would just say to us end users who have supported you from the beginning something like..  


"To our customer base - as so many of us are cutting the cord providing a quality service to you is extremely important to us.  We at DTVNOW are working every day to better the service and add more capacity, bandwidth, and processing ability on our end so your experience gets better every day.   We realize we have issues and continue to work on them.  Please bear with us while we perfect this platform to make it the best service available. "


Why is this so hard?  As Loyal DirectTV NOW customer who has stuck in there thru the misery,  poor / non-existent customer service ( unless you want to web chat with a person who is incapable of doing anything to help you),  Oh - and someone who still has yet to get the correct local TV channels. (after 6 chat sessions)


I'm still paying and hanging in there as I have faith in the interface, system and AT&T.  PLEASE DON'T LET ME DOWN.

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

"Why is this so hard?"  IMHO, this is hard because none of it is true.  AT&T gave more money to Michael Cohen (at least $600,000) to defeat Net Neutrality, again IMHO, than they have spent on improving DTVN.  AT&T has -never- in it's 100 year+ history spent one nickel more on -anything- than it absolutely had to.  It still lives in a culture of Federal and State regulatory largess.   High school kids must be writing the code for the beta.  "We didn't expect that..."   "Hmmm, that was unexpected..." My response is, "LOL."

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Not applicable

Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

- “ ...AT&T has -never- in it's 100 year+ history spent one nickel more on -anything- than it absolutely had to ...”


they employ phenomenal bean counters, no rookies here. 

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

Incidentally, I've seen high school kids learn and write code that's pretty good.  AT&T could probably improve DTVN by hiring these kids to fix their DTVN software.  However, being in the hardware end of things myself, I can say with a great deal of certainty, that AT&T's issues are far more a consequence of stinginess; not wanting to spend money on dedicated servers with adequate throughput, than anything else.  I suspect that they are running many other things on those servers like Uverse accounts, e-commerce, telephony, etc. You don't create a successful streaming service by skimping on processor power, hard  disc space, raid arrays, battle-hardened networking, or memory.  Such commercial systems must have robustnesss from the outset as they are dependant upon massive and unencumbered data flow.  "Back in the day," as some of you whipper-snappers like to say, AT&T was Ma Bell and had yet to be regulated to death by the feds.  They owned Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ where top-flight engineers did amazing things for our country and our world...like discovering the cosmic background radiation, the echo of the Big Bang, and developing the laser, and the invention of the transistor.  Without the transistor, we would not have personal computers or audio amplifiers,  we'd still be using vacuum tubes, our satellite technology would be in its infancy, and research leading to manufacture of the Integrated Circuit would not have been done.  But this is not the same AT&T.  It's been so many years since the feds did their damage and broke up AT&T...yet they squandered those decades and like so many other US corporations, they now outsource to India for technical support, they cut corners and save pennies at the expense of us, producing inferior products, and they dare to wear the same logos that they sported when their corporation was built like a brick outhouse.


I'm trying to remain apolitical, but I hear others complaining about ending Net Neutality and complaints about other globally-related issues.  Much of what happened over the last 8 1/2 years in the USA politically has contributed to the further decline in US-based corporate performance and honesty.  The USA "lost" control of ICANN thanks to the prior "administration" because that "administration" wanted to give it away to the world.  We in the USA squander our treasures.  The patriots at AT&T are long gone...we are now dealing with AmeriKan Telephone & Telegraph, and the services you get from them will from here-on-in be "on-the-cheap."

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

You don't create a successful streaming service by skimping on processor power, hard  disc space, raid arrays, battle-hardened networking, or memory.  Such commercial systems must have robustness from the outset as they are dependent upon massive and unencumbered data flow.


Being a retired "Back in the day," hardware design engineer, in fields of telemetry and precision (tolerances) aerospace development and flight data systems (EMR-Sarasota, Loran & L3), my early years, to name a few, I find the above statement is spot on. For a telecom company to cheat on hardware, and know-how, submersed in a very hardware dependent field, shows the MBA's have finally exceeded the senior engineering staff.


That being said, I believe some attitudes have changed (in AT&T), when public embarrassment of their designs are exposed. It is a consumer field, consumers are relentless, designs will change.

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

You should stop blaming the customer.... makes you sound like Spectrum... and I hate Spectrum customer service.  I have more than 60 mbps hardwired to my Apple TV and your App blames my internet speed/connection when I have a rock solid WIFI connection on other devices.  Purely false.  Should probably remove that code coming up with the message to blame my internet signal and replace it with some code that would make your system more reliable.  Or better yet... hire some people from Netflix, where they really know how to make this streaming thing work!

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

Don't waste your time ... I had and still have ATT Fiber internet service ... They blamed it! There own internet service. You will get no where with them. Complaining does nothing they will just keep blaming you. I did not stay ... Try Sling TV or PSVue ... I use both and they are wonderful. 

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Re: spouse being upset that we pay not to be able to watch anything

Beyond frustrated with Directv service. Constantly buffers. I've called in, excuse me, I can't do that... I've chatted several times now. Here's what happens Every Time:


1. We go through all the troubleshooting steps. That doesn't work.

2. They apologize and say the issue will get resolved. It doesn’t.

3. I usually get a small credit to my account along with a million apologies.

4. Once they determine that they can't fix the buffering issue, I’m told that the ticket will be escalated and I will receive an email when the issue is fixed. 

5. I never get an email and don’t hear anything. Issue never gets resolved.

6. I go through all these steps over and over and over again.


This has been going on for months. 

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Re: spouse being upset that we pay not to be able to watch anything



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