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Directv Now login not working for NBC Sports app


Directv Now login not working for NBC Sports app

I live in Washington DC and currently have the Live a Little package, which specifically includes NBC Sports Washington. However, when I attempt to login to the NBC Sports app using my Directv Now credentials to watch local Washington sports, I always get an error telling me that this channel is not part of my subscription. I receive the same error whether attempting to login through my Apple TV, my desktop computer, or my phone.


I have contacted Directv Now customer service via the chat twice now -- once last May and then again last week. Both times they assured me the problem would be resolved, but I received no follow-up and the problem has still not been addressed.


Does anyone know what might be causing this or have a potential solution? It seems to me that Directv Now should not be offering channels that users cannot actually access.

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‎10-09-2018 10:04 AM

Re: Directv Now login not working for NBC Sports app

NBC Sports Washington is a RSN that DirecTV Now does carry in the DC vicinity.  However, the Live a Little  package doesn't include any RSNs - you need at least the Just Right package to get RSNs.  (See the top of the package comparison chart.)  So actually, it specifically doesn't include NBCSN Washington. 


But the base (national) NBCSN channel is included in Live a Little, so you should be able to log into the NBCSN app - you just won't have access to any of the content that is specific to NBCSN Washington, and selecting an item of that content will indeed get the (correct) response that it isn't part of your subscription.


The "solution" is to upgrade to a higher DirecTV Now package - then you would get that RSN directly in the DirecTV Now app and would gain access to the matching content in the NBCSN app.


(BTW - the fact that DirecTV Now Customer Service didn't tell you this - assuming that your subscription and package has remained the same - indicates that they aren't very competent.  Either they didn't know this (or realize what was going on), or they failed to note the package you have and/or neglected to ask you.  Unfortunately, this level of support from Support is too common.)

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Re: Directv Now login not working for NBC Sports app

Thanks so much for the very thorough response. Your explanation of the difference between the national NBCSN and the regional NBCSN Washington is particularly helpful, and also explains why the NBCSN channel I can watch through the DirectvNOW app is always showing poker instead of the Wizards.


Incredibly, this distinction is not something that any of the customer service representatives seem to understand as they never once offered this as a solution and instead agreed with me that I should be able to watch my local NBCSN channel with my current package. In fact, the representative I spoke to in person at the AT&T store in downtown DC when I first signed up didn't understand this (or lied directly to my face) when I asked him specifically if this package would allow me to watch NBC Sports Washington and he replied that it would.


Anyway, it looks like I will likely be cancelling my DirectvNOW subscription, as there are other options out there that can offer me this channel that cost less than the Just Right package.


Thanks again.

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Re: Directv Now login not working for NBC Sports app

I have the same problem but have the Gotta have it plan but no able to login with my directv account. 


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Re: Directv Now login not working for NBC Sports app

I’m force to use NBCSN App now since Directv Now app doesn’t provide the correct stream showing me Sac-Kings-Basketball instead of SJ-Shark-Hockey like the guide shows. Anyhow here is the question does anyone know how to get RSN specific to APPLE TV working on NBCSN app???


It works on my Roku didn’t have to do anything special. On the iPad I needed to click on MENU and RSN no mirroring so can’t bypass my problems that way.

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