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i have loved my DirectTV Now service for some time but today I started the app and went to the guide and that is where things went wrong... the problem is that I only see a few channels with the shows appearing thru the hours, the other channels don't have anything at all and if I try to just select the channel to see what is playing thru out the day well the first issue is that it opens to the wrong day and the next issue is that when I select the correct day the shows by time don't change and the other issue is that you can't even select the channel. 


Now, I am sure this is a programming issue that has come about do to the  special that at&t is running this weekend but what good is the special if you can't even view the channels and another thing I would have thought that since I (we) are members of this service we would have received an email letting us know of the up and coming special for this weekend and that should have happened as we all give at&t our email address upon sign-up!


But let me get back to the reason behind this post and for my  question... When I pull up the guide some channels show shows by the hour and some channels don't have anything showing so what am I to do about this issue or whom do I contact about this issue and how do I contact them?





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Did you not notice that you are watching streams in SD 560p/30fps.  File a fcc complaint and someone will call you from the office of president. More pressure we put on this company the quicker they will get tihis service stable

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Re: Blank Menu

Unfortunately you won't be able to do anything everyoneelse has the same problem. Forget att help as it does'nt exist. Like all their other issues it will eventually be resolved. Rebooting won't work.  I'm not sure filing an fcc complaint as others have suggested will accomplish anything but who knows

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Re: Blank Menu

After reading a bit on the FCC Website, I don't know if FCC is the best place to complain or not.  Maybe FTC instead?  Or maybe someone affiliated with one of the TV news shows that investigates consumer problems?  (But I'm not sure a TV personality would want to ruffle the feathers of a service that delivers TV programming.)  Our best bet may be to simply cancel.



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Re: Blank Menu

I am canceling this service as soon as my prepaid 3 months are up. This service sucks. Going back to cable tv (twc).

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