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When will Roku have the Direct TV now app


When will Roku have the Direct TV now app

I have heard 1st quarter and I also read somewhere a few weeks ago that they were close to finalizing this but I wanted to know if there has been an update as to the status of the Roku being able have the Direct Tv Now App


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I have a Roku 3. Does Now work with it?
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Re: Roku?

It does not work w/ Roku Period, I say you can screen share if your phone supports it, to the Roku Device that is what I am doing.


~~ Ken

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Re: Roku?

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access on Roku?

Hi! I am interested in this service but I will not sign up until it is available through the Roku.  Is there any updated time frame for DirecTV Now to be available through Roku?

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Re: access on Roku?

They said early 2017.  It's not up to Roku.  It's up to DTVN writing the app for Roku

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Re: access on Roku?

We signed up to lock in the price at 35 a month for 100 channels.  Using it with a chromecast now.  Apparently the fire stick we prepaid for is on backorder.  We already have 2 roku devices as we had sling before.  I do realize the service is less than a month old, but hoping they get the roku app out sooner rather than later as we enjoy our roku devices very much.  

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Will DTV Now ever be compatible with Roku?
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I just read on their the roku blog that the directv now app is supposed to be ready Q1 of 2017.



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Re: access on Roku?

anyone have any news on the ROKU availability?



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ACE - Expert

Re: access on Roku?

It's not like AT&T to announce something like that more than a few days (maybe a week) in advance. 


Keep in mind while early 2017 might sound like January to you, it could be June.

Notice they didn't even say first quarter 2017.



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Re: access on Roku?

Given the utterly craptastic service they currently have using their existing supported platform, it would be a bad idea to jump on it even if they offer Roku support. 

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Waiting for Roku

Any time frame as to when my Roku will work with directv now ? I can't see getting Apple TV or another device when they say Roku will work in future 

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Re: Waiting for Roku

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When will ROKU be added to the streaming devices for Directv now

we have 3 roku devices in our home, we are currently subscribers to "SLING" TV but our roku devices will not function for the directv service. QUESTION when will any of the current ROKU devices be authorized for Directtv Now?

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