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When will there be an option to speak to someone on the phone?


When will there be an option to speak to someone on the phone?

I, like many, work for a medium-sized company. We have chat options, which a good size of our customers enjoy, but we also have a live-agent available as well. Sometimes it's comforting to have a real person tell you "you'll receive your Apple TV in 2-3 weeks" than a canned chat response. Or, if you're having issues with the Fox Sports channels, it's easier to have someone do basic troubleshooting or just frankly say "I don't know yet" and notate your account than blindly merge your thread with other threads since they seem to go together. 


I thankfully was lucky enough to finally chat with someone today. Day 5. I can only imagine the non-patient folks in life and how they must feel. I feel this community should get a response - official or unofficial - as to when there'll be a possibility for a live agent scenario, OR, an update on the availability of chatting for paid members, as it was quite annoying seeing the "click this link" button in the chat window in place of an agent. 


*I actually was going to post this to the DIRECTV NOW Community Suggestions forum, but hilariously, they've removed all topics from the list. So, instead of being silenced, it's now going to Billing & Account > Account Management until someone fixes that forum. Have mercy....I can't even post a goodwill-style thread without such an issue! Cat Surprised

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Re: When will there be an option to speak to someone on the phone?

Hi @testusername,


We thank you for reaching out to the DIRECTV NOW community and understand your concern with call center support. At this time there are no plans for call center support and not to say that there will not be any in the future. Currently, you can get customer care help for DIRECTV NOW using Chat, Twitter, and DIRECTV NOW forums.



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