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Att unlimited plus discount


Att unlimited plus discount

I'm interested to know what everyone's throught is and if it's worth it. Currently I have the promotional go big for 35 dollars and all three add ons (HBO Cinemax and STARZ). My mothly bill is 53 dollars. With the 25 dollar credit from att unlimited plus plan I was wondering if it was worth changing plans to the got to have it and dropping STARZ since it's included for 55 a month since the discount doesn't apply to the promo pricing. I was wondering if the additional channels and losing the promo pricing is worth the 2 dollar difference and if it's something others are considering. 

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Re: Att unlimited plus discount

I have been reading up on this tonight.  In short.  Enjoy your "Go Big" discount as it is now.  "Go Big" ended January 9 2017.  Period.


Good news: There is a new $25 discount for DirecTV NOW or DirecTV satellite subscribers with the new AT&T Unlimited Plus plan.


Bad news:  This does not include "Go Big" customers.  You are hoping to get the $25 off your $35 "Go Big" plan?  Nope.

to get the same channels, you would have to get the $60 mid-tier direcTV NOW plan and then you could get the new $25 discount -- until you drop the AT&T Unlimited Plus plan by, say switching to another carrier.  Then you would have nothing.


We "Go Big" subscribers are stuck in limbo.  Trapped.  My phone plan is also stuck in limbo/trapped (I get a fat 30% discount from my employer though an "IRU" "FAN" plan on my AT&T Wireless bill).  But, today AT&T releases AT&T Unlimited Plus with NO corporate discounts.  Ouch.  Only a 15% discount for “Qualified Military & Veterans".  Tonight I am paying a crazy $15 per gigabyte overage rate.  $50 per month more for me to get 10GB more per month.


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Re: Att unlimited plus discount

If you're already getting the $25/month discount for the "go big" promo package, there is no incentive at all to get this unlimited plan credit, from the DTVN side. If the offer for the unlimited data is attractive enough on its own merits, go for it, but you won't see any net savings on DTVN beyond your current discount.

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Re: Att unlimited plus discount

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