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rc66rbx remote wont connect to Vizio tv


rc66rbx remote wont connect to Vizio tv

I purchased the rc66rbx remote yesterday and it connected to our directv receiver fine but it refuses to connect to our tv. We have a Vizio V0J320F1A tv. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: rc66rbx remote wont connect to Vizio tv

A couple of tips that may help you out a bit;

First off, I would try starting with new AA batteries. The ones that come with the remote control are sometimes mostly dead, and a fresh pair of batteries can make a huge difference.

Is the receiver programmed into RF mode yet?

If it is, try programming it back to IR first, and then program the remote again to the TV. The remote controls have a lot higher success rate if the are in IR mode while you are attempting to program to the TV or aux devices.

When you are holding the "Mute" and "Select" are you waiting for the green light to flash twice on the TV side, or just the blinking from DTV side to tv side? It needs to blink twice on the TV side.

You want to make sure the sliding switch at the top of the remote is all the way over to the tv side when you are attempting the programming as well.

If that all fails, and the receivers remote type is set is IR, than we can try resetting the remote, and starting fresh.

Sometimes, though not often, the remote will program to the tv after a reset of it.

(We want the sliding switch at the top to the DTV side of the remote)

To do that, hold down both "Mute" and "Select" at the same time until the green light flashes twice on the DTV symbol, after it does, go ahead and type in "981" on the keypad. After you do the green light should blink four times, meaning the remote is reset.

I should let you know however, that it is possible that the remote will not operate the TV. It is unfortunate, but can happen.

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Re: rc66rbx remote wont connect to Vizio tv

Move slider to TV and hold MUTE and SELECT (LED flashes twice)

2.enter 10758

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