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program RC71 for Samsung HW-FMC45C Soundbar


program RC71 for Samsung HW-FMC45C Soundbar


I have a Samsung TV and Genie (HR44/700) Whole home DVR which uses the RC71 remote in RF mode to control the Genie Box.  The remote is programmed to control the TV.  I just added a Samsung Sondbar (HW-FM45C).  It's connected to Genie box via Optical Cable.

I'd like to program the RC71 remote (which I use in RF mode for Genie box) to control the Soundbar in IR mode.  I'd like it to power on/off the soundbar.  I try to program "audio device" through the menu on the genie box.  First issue is the model # is not listed.  So I try "my model isn't listed".  First time I did that it loaded 26 codes and was having me go through them one by one.  The 8th or 9th code seemed to work as it powered everything off (Genie box, TV and Soundbar).  But I was never able to click "it worked" in the DTV menu to lock it in.  The remote does not control the soundbar.  I tried to go back in the menu and repeat the process, however, not it just says "setup failed" it doesn't seem to load the codes.

In my mind the process of programing the remote seems somewhat flawed as the given instructions tell you to hit the power button to confirm if it works or not.  But if you know the new RC71 remote, it doesn't have the capability to select between devices with a slider switch like all my other remotes do.  So I would full expect everything to turn off when hitting the power button.   A bit confused there....

Anyone know a solution to program this Soundbar into my RC71 remote?  (Again, I use the remote in RF mode for the box) and would use the TV and soundbar in IR mode.



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Re: program RC71 for Samsung HW-FMC45C Soundbar

The RC71 will never power off an audio device while on normal operation

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Re: program RC71 for Samsung HW-FMC45C Soundbar

I don't have a genie, and am trying to program the same soundbar to my remote.   Maybe if you get the code, the same code will work for me.

I was working with the genie the other day at my friends out and constantly got the 'programming failed' issue.  I reset his genie and re-tried the programming process and it worked just fine.

I don't think you actually have to click the 'it worked' on screen to get the code to 'stick'.   After the power turns off, you should just be able to hit the select key to let it know it had the right code.  That will save the code.

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Re: program RC71 for Samsung HW-FMC45C Soundbar

martymizah, do you also have an RC71 remote?  That remote won't program much of anything unless you have an HR44 Genie DVR. 

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Re: program RC71 for Samsung HW-FMC45C Soundbar

no i dont.. im using the 65rx

I figured out how to get it working on my setup.   maybe it will help this author

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