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can't program remote rc66 to samsung tv


can't program remote rc66 to samsung tv

How do i find code to program my remote control my Samsung tv. I tried the codes from tv, but none worked.

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Re: can't program remote rc66 to samsung tv

What is the model of the TV that you have?  10812 is the standard Samsung code.  You can enter the make & model of the set in question at DIRECTV - Remote Control Code Lookup  Now if that does not work, the only other suggestion is to go with a Logitech Harmony remote.  You can get the Harmony 200 remote off of, for $45.  You are better to get something like the Harmony 650 remote, which is a more robust basic line remote.

Try the lookup link first and go from there.  I got tired of dealing with so called provider "Universal" remotes, so ended up going with the Harmony 650.

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