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Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

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Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

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Trying to work your plans around a scheduled appointment?  We have some help for you!


Go to our DIRECTV Appointment Status page

  • You can check the date and time of your appointment
  • See approximately how long it will take
  • Check if your technician is already on the way to your home
  • You can also reschedule or cancel your appointment at any time.

Only repair appointments can be cancelled online. If you would like to cancel an equipment installation appointment, please call us at 1-800-531-5000.


If a sooner appointment is not available, not to worry, you can still enjoy your service by using the streaming option available at DIRECTV.com or the DIRECTV App. This article has more information regarding your streaming options!


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  1.  Sign into your directv.com account.  If you do not have a member ID, click Register to create one.
  2. Select My Orders & Service Calls from the My Account menu. 

This will show all the details of your upcoming appointment: the date and time, approximate duration, your technician’s arrival window, and your appointment status. You can add your appointment to your calendar by clicking the Add to Calendar link.


If you have multiple DIRECTV appointments, the one that’s coming up first will be displayed first. Once it’s completed, the details of your second appointment will be displayed.


Reminders and Alerts

To receive helpful reminders and status updates, click Sign Up for Appointments Alerts. You will receive an email text, and/or call you anytime your appointment status changes—for example, if your tech is on the way, or has already arrived at your home.


Please Note:  We are always doing everything we can to ensure your services are running as quickly as possible. Due to outside factors though, such as weather, there may be delays or changes to your appointment. We want to ensure that you are satisfied with your service, but we also want to ensure the safety of our employees and others.  In such an event, we may postpone appointments until conditions are safe to travel and work.

AT&T Customer Care

Need help with an account specific question?  Post a new question here on the forums by clicking the "Ask a Question" button.
For additional support, please visit us at our AT&T services hub.
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Re: Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

come tomorrow...after 9 til 1.. Friday April 27th....my master bedroom
remote brand new does not work...john walz
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ACE - Expert

Re: Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

@Popeye88 wrote:
come tomorrow...after 9 til 1.. Friday April 27th....my master bedroom
remote brand new does not work...john walz

Nope.  Nobody at DirecTV will see this.  You must call them .... 1 800 531 5000


ACEs are customers too, NOT employees. Answers are based on experience. I strive to give honest answers, even if not always appreciated. If you posted personal information, please edit and remove.

For official support call DirecTV 1-800-531-5000 or AT&T 1-800-288-2020.
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*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

Directv is so frustratin that i wanna cry. Ordered a international channel that we couldnt use not till we upgrade our satellite, so we end up paying for that as well!!! Ordered those thing saturday and said that our technician’s sched would be the next week sunday. So we said ok with that, called monday asked if they can reschedule it earlier and said they put us down for saturday. Waited saturday nobody came called them and said we’re not schedule for saturday and still sunday. So we waited sunday, and freaking waited till 12 noon nobody came so we called just to found out we’re rescheduled for thursday!!! Another freaking week!!! Without any notifications etc. we didnt even know that somebody reschedule our freaking appointment!!!! Wasted 2 days to where i could have been working and now we need to have thurday free!!! Thats 3 freaking days!!!! That we could have been productive instead of freaking waiting for this freaking bad service!!!  



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Re: Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

Had a appointment today 1pm-3pm. No show. Called and they said do worry they will be there. Called back and they said its tomorrow from 9-11??? Asked to speak with a manager and they said he will call me back. 2.5hrs ago. I guess its time to look around.



Brett Nelson

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Re: Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

Calling direct tv is a waste of time as the info I received repeatedly from them is not accurate.  They won't say anything other than your Tech is enroute.  They didn't even bother to really check with dispatch.  They failed to show up three times without contacting me even though they sent me a text to confirm the appointment.  Their customer service is the worst.  Appointments not kept, no communication or update and no one knows what is going on.

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Re: Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

Has anyone else noticed that the DirectTv support has gone downhill since ATT bought it?  I have a Genie mini box that has cratered.  Spent 1 hour on chat troubleshooting (and had already done everything they asked me to do) and finally they decided it needed a person to look at it.  So scheduled a tech call.  Monday 8 to 12 window.  At 1:00 pm, I checked the web page which said sorry we missed you, if you are still having problems call to reschedule.  I went on to chat and after 30 min was told he had been dispatched and would  be here soon.  So now, 2 1/2 hours later, not here.  They offered me a $10 credit for my "inconvenience".

ATT has always had bad customer service, but I've never had any problems with DirectTV (10 years) until now.


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Re: Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

I had appt. on Dec 17 8-12 Confirmation # 294389012...I took off of work waited all day called and was put on hold all day...I have Contacted Dish network and am scheduling appt for installation on Dec 30 if I do not hear from you...Terrible service and not even a call to question the service. I have heard from several people that this has happened to them...Too bad I have been with Direct for over 10 year....SAD

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Re: Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

DirectTv technicians are the worst! I had an appointment scheduled for 1/22 between 12-4pm. Tech calls at 3:38 stating he was finishing up elsewhere and he would be on his way. At this point I completely understand. Then I receive a call at 5:36 stating he just finished up at the other location and he was on his way. Then at 6:30 he calls once more stating he just looked at the map and he would not arrive at my house until 7:30pm and asks if it would be okay to reschedule because he has quite a drive home and it would be really late?!


What kind of technician service does DirectTv have?! If I wasn't on contract I would cancel my service with them!!!

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Re: Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

  • March 12: Sign up and immediately choose the install date the system offered: March 14; confirmation email says 3/19;  was told it was because someone in my area had arranged for that time when I selected it, which is a load; call back & arrange for and am promised March 14 install after raising issue to supervisors, which they promised they were able to pull a tech off an area job and reroute to me; was told confirmation for March will be forthcoming by text/email; confirmation text says march 19 again
  • March 14: Take off work, no one shows; call back, they offer March 17 12-4;
  • March 17: they call, say tech has had an "emergency" and offer 3/21 as install; I refuse, insist on earlier; raised to supervisors, they offer and I reschedule for 3/18, 8-12.

I have ZERO confidence any install will ever happen.  I'm trying hard to become a customer and get an install, but, and if experiences here are any indication, I'm afraid no one seems to be able to connect any demonstration of care to a final, favorable, concrete action, which is an install on a date promised.  Another day from work, and I'm done with this if they cannot come through tomorrow.


I hate to start off as that guy, disgruntled and all.  Maybe I'm expecting too much.....

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Re: Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

I ended up staying with dish after fiasco with Direct. Called dish on Fri before super bowl and said I wanted to upgrade to 4K. They came same day 1 1/2 hrs after my call. Upgraded receivers and reduced monthly charges. I told the dish installer about the terrible experience with direct- 4 missed appointments. He said if he missed one he’d be fired.

Forgot Direct. They are garbage.

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Re: Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

After further discussion and reading through the troubles in this forum, and the potential nightmares I might be subject to, I think I've seen enough, and prefer not to willfully be cast into DTV Hades-  I cancelled my install. 

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Re: Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

Where is my tech:   I have had 2 appointments with tech to install newer boxes , no one came at all. 2 This week!!!!!!

If I don't get the 3rd appointment tech to install the updated boxes, you guys are gone.

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Re: Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

This did not WORK!!!  My tech was reported busy at another appointment all day so why schedule me at 12-4!!  I never heard from him or received a call stating I am going to be late or you will need to reschedule.  I call the customer service and they did not even try to help me!  F for CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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Re: Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

Exactly the same thing happen to me except I am a new customer and the TECH never call, or showed up and when we called the customer service only 5 times not one person tried to do anything.  I took a day to be at home and this happen...needless to say we do not need this company.  The company need to understand they NEED US to SURVIVE!

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Re: Where's My Tech - DIRECTV appointment

I no longer need a tech to come .  Please cancel my appointment and Thank You !

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