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WHERE IS MY TECH??????????


WHERE IS MY TECH??????????

I called Monday to have a new service connected (they messed up my email I found out next day and was told i couldn’t access my account for thirty days bc of the changes they had to do on my account.!what?! bc of their fault I have to wait! Well finally got someone to correct it ugh!!!) and had an appt for tech to come install on Friday. Well I work third shift and was told by email confirmation that he’d be here between 9-11am. So I skipped sleeping when I got off work in the morning so I could be up when he called and got here. He’s suppose to call thirty min prior to coming. Well I waited till noon and finally got a text saying he wasn’t going to be here at that time (no duh at this point) but to confirm if I still wanted him to come out today I text yes and got the text back saying ok. Well 3pm I finally called directv and was told I wasn’t on their schedule for today.!? How does that work when directv set it up and I got an email and text.?! Then was told they’d reschedule!!! I appreciate that they valued my time bc my time is just as equal as their time. So that was treating me with discrimination! So I told her to let me speak with a manager, he got on phone and basically said same thing! Now what if I had done this to them and let’s say the tech came out and I wasn’t home, he waited on me all day with the run around, no sleep and got to go back in tonight to work with no sleep now, and then I just blew it off like his and his company last time was as equally important as mine? I’m sure they would be peed off plus charge me for their money losses! They should of at least got someone out right then AND waved my activation fee and credited my account to make up for this day I lost! I mean this is pretty bad for me being a first time customer and this is the service I’m being offered? Heck no I don’t want any contract with a company like this!

The man I spoke with said he would get me back to the “back office” and would call me back plus the woman I spoke with guaranteed she said that they would def call me back in a few min. Well an hour later.. I called back AGAIN and am now still on hold and it’s been thirty plus min!!! No telling how long before I get this resolved IF I get it resolved at all! I may take my money and business elsewhere!!! WOW! Horrible!!


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Re: WHERE IS MY TECH??????????


ACEs are customers too, NOT employees. Answers are based on experience. I strive to give honest answers, even if not always appreciated. If you posted personal information, please edit and remove.

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