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Vizio sound bar VSB207

Vizio sound bar VSB207

I have programmed my DirecTV remote so it turns on sound bar so that it turns the bar on and off using AV1 and the power button.  However, it will not allow me to adjust the sound bar volume.  When I use the volume up and down rocker key, the TV's internal speaker volume is adjusted.  I would appreciate any and all suggestions.  Thanks.

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Re: Vizio sound bar VSB207

I went through the programming process for the umpteenth time and it worked.  Hooray!

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Re: Vizio sound bar VSB207

What was the code that finally worked?

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Re: Vizio sound bar VSB207

Good afternoon.

The code that worked was 32454. It’s set up as AV1.



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Re: Vizio sound bar VSB207

Thank you, Chuck.

If the soundbar is set to AV1, then what (if anything) should be set to AV2? I thought AV2 was supposed to be for audio devices, while AV1 is for DVD players and such.

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Re: Vizio sound bar VSB207

AV1 or AV2 can be program to either.  or none

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Re: Vizio sound bar VSB207

I went on the assumption that AV1 and 2 uses were user defined. Since you’re telling the system what hardware is going to be hooked up to AV1 and 2 when you program the remote with the hardware’s code, I would think it wouldn’t matter which one you designate for which piece of hardware. In my case, it’s not too important, since I don’t have a DVD attached to this set.

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