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Verizon Internet and DVR on the same Coax outlet


Verizon Internet and DVR on the same Coax outlet

For some reason the Direct TV installer installed my internet in a sperate room from where my tv/entertainment center are located and I am trying to hook up my internet ready tv and PS3 to my verizon wireless dsl router but the way they have it hooked up is seems a little more involved than just plug and play.


 In the other room where the wireless is they have the phone line to the DSL and then ethernet to a box (i'm assuming for the direct tv) then coax to the wall,


for the DVR its coax from the wall to a box with coax in and out,  and then to the box.


where would me DSL go inline with the set up for the dvr and what would happen to the other box thats with the DSL?


My initial theory was to just use a splitter to split the coax coming off the wall and use one for the DVR and one for the Internet. I know the Coax is how the single comes in but i'm not sure what roll it plays in the entire system as a whole and whether i'll get a proper signal out to the box if i split the coax. Please help me out here i'm lost and dont want to have someone come back out to ruin my whole saturday again.

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Re: Verizon Internet and DVR on the same Coax outlet

Quote: Originally Posted by tgell001 

 there is a box that's plugged into the router/modem via Ethernet that is plugged into the wall coax.

 know what I'm talking about?

We're trying, believe me.  It appears to me you have the Whole Home DVR service and the box you refer to is the DECA BB adapter (see pics).  You need to confirm this.  If so, that box is designed to provide a connection between your Directv system and your router and thus the Internet.  You'll need to provide Ethernet cables to connect the TV and PS3 to your router, you cannot piggy back onto the Directv coax system.


If this is on the right track, maybe you can repost your basic problem and we will have a better handle on how to advise you.

BB module & power supply[7].jpg
BB Module[9].jpg
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Re: Verizon Internet and DVR on the same Coax outlet

If you get the router/modem moved to the desired location, it would be an easy matter to move the DECA BB module as well, particularly if it's near a receiver where you can tap into the Directv coax.  I'm attaching a simple wiring schematic so you see the proper signal path for the system.

Whole Home DVR Install[85].jpg
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