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Satellite Signal Strength on 99 and 103

Satellite Signal Strength on 99 and 103

I need to fine-tune the pointing of my dish because I have some low signal strengths on satellite 99(c).  The low signal strengths are all on the even numbered transponders.


While re-pointing my dish, I can't find any way to get good strength on satellite 99 and satellite 103.  According to LyngSat, Satellite 103 carries NFL Network, USAHD, and a lot of other nationwide HD channels.  I get 0 signal strength on all transponders for 103(s), 103(ca) and 103(cb).


I am receiving those cahnnels listed above, so I'm trying to figure out if I have a problem or not.  How do I get an accurate listing of which satellites I am supposed to get reception on?

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