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Remote not skipping ahead


Remote not skipping ahead

direct tv must have changed their software.  I can no longer skip ahead more than 30 seconds to skip ads.  Also there is a new addition on the screen when you press the skip ahead button once.  It now says 30 seconds on the screen.  I Find that if I hit the button 4 times to skip ahead two minutes it goes clear to the end of the recording.

HR24-200    rc65rx remote

Please help.

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Re: Remote not skipping ahead

I have the same problem.

HR24-200 Universal Remote with RF and IR

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Re: Remote not skipping ahead

This problem started when direct tv upgraded the system hardware to 0x8a6.  Do a search and you will find others talking about this problem.  Dont waste your time calling support.  Look at my other posts and you will find one with a link to a different forum that is talking about this problem.

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