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Rc64r remote and Hr21-200


Rc64r remote and Hr21-200

My original RC64R remote was dropped and would not work properly, but I have an extra RC64R remote, it will not control the HR21-200, how can I reprogram this remote to control this receiver, I've reset it and entered codes 00001-00004 and a few others, nothing works, the remote is unresponsive ( the lights do light up, batteries are ok)? Help!!

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Re: Rc64r remote and Hr21-200

perhaps you need to set the receiver back to IR or you may have to set the remote to RF as pointed below

Slide switch to DTV

1. Press and hold MUTE and SELECT (LED flashes twice)

2. Enter 961

3. press CH UP

4. Enter the last 6 digits of the RID number

5. Press SELECT

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Re: Rc64r remote and Hr21-200

WWhat is and where a the RID number ... So far none of those has worked.

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Re: Rc64r remote and Hr21-200

The receiver ID number is 12 digits.  It can be found by (a) pressing and holding the remotes info button (b) by logging into your account at or (c) from the tag on the receiver, usually in the rear.

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Re: Rc64r remote and Hr21-200

Got it! That worked! Thanks!

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