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RVU Feature for Samsung Smart TV (UN55F8000)


RVU Feature for Samsung Smart TV (UN55F8000)

I just paired a UN55F8000 with HR34 Genie.  I'm using RVU so I don't need a to connect the TV to the Genie, nice feature.  I wondered about how the speed of the Diretcv menu would be since I'm connected over the whole home feature.  I'm not using a Directv remote with RVU, using the standard touch remote.  My experience so far has been very slow when navigating thru the menu.  There are no keys on the touch remote that allow you to fwd or rew, or should say haven't found a shortcut.  The more button brings up a pop up remote which does have limited features but that has a very slow reaction time.  I've used the iPad samsung remote app but seeing the same lag.  I'm not sure if there is documentation out there that has a key map between Directv standard remote and the new Samsung touch remote, I haven't seen any.  I might just have to switch back to the directly connected Genie and call it good but I just wanted to see if anyone else has tried RVU.  Directv customer support has no idea about RVU so they are no help.  just my .02

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Re: RVU Feature for Samsung Smart TV (UN55F8000)

You can get a DirecTV remote to use when you are using the RVU feature.

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Re: RVU Feature for Samsung Smart TV (UN55F8000)

I tried this and the Directv remote does not work to control this TV in RVU mode. Thanks for the response.
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Re: RVU Feature for Samsung Smart TV (UN55F8000)

I have found the RVU interface to be very unsatisfactory with Genie. Lots of issues.


The speed is definitely the main issue, even slower than a client box which is too slow IMHO, but here are some ot the other things you will probably run into:

o Sometimes, when using the Samsung remote, while clicking fast forward, it will jump to the end of the recording. At first I thought this was fat fingers hitting the fast forward and one of the other buttons next to it, but even when being very careful this has happened.

o TV "loses sync" with Genie. Sound gets all garbled and image distorts in an oscillating fashion. Turning TV off and back on fixes.

o Playlist menu changed itself to a yellow background (happened last night) making it unreadable. Turning TV off and back on fixes.

o Several times when trying to fast forward or rewind, the TV totally disconnects from Directv and reconnects.

 This is a new house with a very clean network infrastructure. DirecTV insttalled by DirecTv.


We use it, but it is pretty painful! Thinking seriously about just using a client box. Before this, I was excited about getting a Samsung ES9000 to replace one of our other TVs because of the built in RVU, but now I don't feel tied to Samsung, since RVU is not a plus.


Bottom line: if DirecTV is serious about RVU, they need to work with the TV vendors to make it work,

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