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RC71 Remote Stop Button?


RC71 Remote Stop Button?

We upgraded our system to include the new Genie HR44, and am so pleased with it, including the whole home service. We are wondering, if there's a stop button, which we can't locate on the RC71 remote. Are we missing something? :smileyconfused:

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Re: RC71 Remote Stop Button?

Correct, the RC71 does not have an stop button, you can use EXIT instead although the results are not the same

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Re: RC71 Remote Stop Button?

Yes, I've done that, but still wish we had a stop button. :smileycool:

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Re: RC71 Remote Stop Button?

I too was unclear on why there is no stop button.  Exit is not the same as Stop, though with this controller, Exit is the only option.

By the way, I have a Harmony Smart remote that I use to control one of my Genies, and it does have a stop button, so the functionality is definitely built into the Genies, so why they left it off the controller makes no sense to me.

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Re: RC71 Remote Stop Button?

Just so you know, there are hardly any folks on the forum that like the RC71 remote.  The older remotes (the full featured ones) will work with the HR44 Genie, but only in the IR mode.

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Re: RC71 Remote Stop Button?

I have sort of got used to the RC71 on my HR44, which is set to RF. But I still wish there was a proper stop button.

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Re: RC71 Remote Stop Button?

Well, I must have open a bee's nest with this question, but at least I know I'm not alone. I, mean this remote is for my wife's HDTV, and HR44, and she's the one whom, told me, about having to press exit, since there's no stop button, but she's ok with it, since she likes the little remote, compared to the standard remote. :smileycool:

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Re: RC71 Remote Stop Button?

I may be in the minority but I like the new remote, feels like an old peanut. The missing "stop" is just a minor inconvenience to me. I like the way it changes the input too, my old remote would sometimes give me the list and sometimes just go to the next input. This remote always gives me the list.

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Re: RC71 Remote Stop Button?

I put mine in the bedroom, since we have a Logitech Harmony 650 for the Living Room.  Works for the bedroom, when the wife is in there watching her stuff.

Really stop is a Pause.  Now if you have a smartphone or tablet, download either the DirecTV or BuddyTV app and use either of those for remote control.  You get a full function remote, but volume does not control anything, so you still would have to grab the regular remote for volume control.

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