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RC65x remote not working


RC65x remote not working

We have had this remote for about a year with no issues.  Noticed yesterday some of the buttons were not working (volume down, #7, up button over the select button).  I have tried to reset it (mute + select) but now the mute button does not work so I cannot reset it.  I have put in brand new batteries, I have reset the box.  Is there anything else I can try? 

I can tell the buttons are not working as the green light does not illuminate when I press them.  I can still use the remote sort of, so the tv is still connected.  It appears the problem is in the remote itself. 

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Re: RC65x remote not working

Yeah sounds like time for a new one

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Re: RC65x remote not working

  • Try doing the remote control reset via the menu navigation.
  • Mute and Select buttons, then mode switch should blink 2x, enter 981, mode switch blinks 4x?
  • If you have other receivers, does the RC65X work on other receivers?
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Re: RC65x remote not working

Agree. Call DirecTV for a replacement

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