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RC64R --C41-100????


RC64R --C41-100????


I am new to the forum. I have a C41-100.  Will an RC64R work with this unit?  I followed the instructions to set up the remote with the RID number but I can not get it to work. The C41 came with an R71 which works but I want a second remote. I have several RF remotes. Thanks


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Re: RC64R --C41-100????

It will only work in ir mode

The rf technology is different in the c41

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Re: RC64R --C41-100????

Thanks! My head was starting to hurt from bagging it on the desk. Are there any other DTV remotes that will work. I just got 3 R71's with my new upgrade. I had a DVR die so I upgraded to a Genie and two clients. I put the newest DVR in the bedroom and the Genie in the family room. What remotes will work with the Genie?

Thanks for all the help.

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Re: RC64R --C41-100????

Only a new rc71 will work as a spare rf

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Re: RC64R --C41-100????

as DirecTV user said, you still can use the RC64, but only on IR

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Re: RC64R --C41-100????

Just to be perfectly clear.  All remotes will work with all receivers in IR mode.  The HR44 has a different configuration so only the RC71 remote will work with the HR44 in RF mode.  And, conversely, the RC71 will only work with the HR44 in RF.

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Re: RC64R --C41-100????

I can live with that. Strange that the HR44 can do IR and RF at the same time. IR seems to work good.  I really don't care for the little remote. The Tivo remotes fit my hand a little better.  Not sure why they changed the remote so drastically. I have been with DTV since 1994 and had my first Tivo after they were out 6 months with one tuner and bought a second to have more storage.

Thanks again for all your help.

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