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Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

Hi, I was a DTV subscriber at my old home and loved it.  We moved to a historic home and were not able to mount a dish in any location that would be inconspicuous so were forced to get Comcast (too many busybodies).  Needless to say, I hate it and want my DTV back.  Now that the snow is melting, we can put a dish on a pole in our back yard without running afoul of the local busybodies.  Problem is, it is a few hundred feet from the house to the only location with clear line of sight.  I was told if I want to do that, I need to put the pole in concrete myself and run the cable underground myself but the installer would take it from there.

Here are my questions:

  1. I know I need direct burial rated cable but do I need RG11 or will RG6 work? 
  2. We have RG6 in the house, if we do need RG11 for that length of outdoor run, can we switch from RG11 to RG6 or do we need to try to pull new cable throughout the house (which I really don't want to do)?
  3. Also, I only remember a single cable from the dish into our old house but some people are posting about running multiple cables.  Do I need more than a single cable from the dish to the house to have HD Genie and 2 or 3 other rooms of HD (multiroom DVR)?
  4. We have an invisible dog fence going into the house where the cable currently enters.  Can I piggy-back on the trench for that with the cable run?  It would make it more like 400-500 feet if I did but it would save me from digging a second line to the house.  The invisible fence operates on Digital Modulation and not AM or FM, if that makes a difference.

Past service from DTV has been incredible but the person didn't seem very knowledgeable when I called on this one.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

I would use solid copper rg6 burial cable.Unless you are going to get solid copper rg11

I would not follow the 500 ft trench route the shorter the better

If you are planning to go over

8 tuners run 4 lines if I trench

that far I always run 4 just in case the customer decides to upgrade

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Re: Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

The rg6 in your house should be fine I would put the power inserter as close to the dish as possible just for voltage drop sake

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Re: Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

You also need a grounding wire molded into the coax for grounding the dish.

AFAIK DTV will provide the pole and concrete and 100' of trenching at no cost if it is the only way to get LOS and I think it is a $1.00 a foot after that.

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Re: Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

Our company its 20 feet included

1$ per foot after that even on

Los issues but pole is free

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Re: Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

I'll have to ask again.  We have great line of sight from the roof of our house but there are covenants about dishes on your house and visible from the road.  Aside from that, the wife would go without TV altogether before putting a dish where you could see it from road and that's the only location where it would get LOS from the house.  Hence the pole in backyard.  Also, since we aren't new subscribers, does DTV still cover the pole and concrete?  Technically, our service is temporarily suspended until late Spring, not canceled and restarted.

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Re: Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

Yes directv will provide you pole and concrete but burial charges will apply

Unless you dig your own trench

And it's ready

You may also get flack about being over 150 ft

But it's worth a shot

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Re: Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

whoa whoa WHOA slow down there hoss! Ok here is what you do, ready?

1) Download the app SATELLITE AR to your smart phone (you have a smart phone right?)

2) Open the app, click on the little symbol next to DIRECTV and follow the arrows. You will need at least 5 degrees of clearance around the 99/101/103 and perhaps the 119 (we will cover that later) satellite group. [maybe a centimeter on your phone]

3) Mark your clear LOS (line of sight) location and dig a trench from there back to wherever your RG6 cables come out of the house. (About 6 inches is good)

4) Call 1-800-DIRECTV and request service (This is where you ask the person on the phone what bird your locals come from based upon your zip code [see step 2])

5) When the tech arrives show him your LOS location, remember what they say about that city in China and the tech will take it from there!

Case Closed

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Re: Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

Just an FYI the longest run I have ever done was 327' but I used a SWM16 29V Power inserter isolated at the splitter.

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Re: Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

You should have no problem at 300 feet with RG11, However, if you ever think of going over 8 tuners, you will need 4 wires to the house.

Genie = 5 Tuners

DVR = 2 tuners

Receiver 1 tuner

RVU client = 0 tuners

However at 300 feet with a multiswitch (if you go over 8 tuners) you will need a polarity locker

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Re: Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

Having done a lot of these remote mounts, here is what you need to due.

At 300ft, you need to use the RG11 instead of RG6 due to better signal and power capiablites.

You can go to some place like Perfect 10 ( or solid signal ( and order a 1000 ft reel of under ground rated RG11. I would also get at least 10 connectors.  Cheaper per 1000 then by 200-300 ft lenghts.

Now, as for the trench, For both your own piece of mind as well as safety and per the National Electrical code, you need to  make the trench at least 30" deep, and then use 2" PVC conduit with 90deg sweeps at each end. One sweep next to the house and one next to the pole.

As stated in one of the above posts, being that far from the house, install 4 cables and a #10 solid ground wire to a location that is close to the main electrical for your house where the dish will be grounded and the RG11 will connect to the RG6 in the house.

Once you have done all this, it will allow for any chages to your service and to work on the cable.

Good Luck

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Re: Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

Thanks for the responses everyone.  They were all really helpful.  DTV didn't really offer up much on paying for the pole/concrete and I didn't really think about the fact that Genie uses 5 tuners all on its own.  The deep trench with pvc seems like the "ideal" solution, we'll just have to look into how much more it would cost.  Something tells me I'm in for some sticker shock and may rather just risk it and get the dog fence guys to just dig an extra trench when the ground thaws and they come back to bury the fence.  They already have the equipment to dig down about 6" but not 30" and definitely not to lay PVC.  They also said that since they're already digging dog fence for 10 acres, as long as I provide the RG11 they'll lay it for a case of beer.  That's a tough price to beat.

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Re: Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

Nobody else asked, so I will.  Are you satisfied that your HOA restrictions on dish placement are legal?  Here's a link to the law regarding this situation.  Note that many Homeowners Associations innocently have a restriction such as yours "not to be seen from road" which renders all of the homes on the North side of the road totally out of luck.  Those types of restrictions are illegal, by the way.

Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule |

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Re: Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

If it is a designated "historic district" then restrictions on dish placement are legal, if you read the OTARD rules you'll see this is covered.

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Re: Question on running cable underground from dish ~300ft

Correct.  Not to mention the fact that my wife's head would explode if she saw I put a dish on the roof where you can see it from the road.  Honestly, I'm more worried about her than the district busybodies.  That said, even if it were an illegal restriction on placement, I don't think I'd want to start a battle with my new neighbors when I can just put the thing in my backyard and everyone is happy (and my wallet a bit lighter).  Thanks again guys.

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