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Question for Techs about burying cables


Question for Techs about burying cables

Hey guys, this is mostly for technicians.

Ever so often I get a call of a customer wanting a tech to come out and bury their cables.. Sometimes I suppose they didn't do it during install, for instance one cx stated that the tech said the ground was too hard at the time.

In our system when sending a tech we can either send it out like a technical issue, or an Installation/relocation. Would setting it at installation/relocation be appropriate? As we are attempting to lower our utr rate. It doesn't have any options in our systems about setting up techs for burying cables/running cables and such.

Thanks for any feedback!

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Re: Question for Techs about burying cables

Upgrades are always beyter then SC

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Re: Question for Techs about burying cables

No FSR available charge them less otherwise noted from tech of needing to come back I always used SC help with cables chargeable customers love hearing that

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