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Please explain to me if my Genie idea will work


Please explain to me if my Genie idea will work

Hey there,

I am considering switching to Directv and have a few questions before I do.  I have 5 tv's, 3 of them in the same room in the basement.  The thing is I have one coaxial cable in there but can run 2 additional ones but it would be a pain.  My questions are:

1.  If I get the Genie and the mini genies with the wireless setup does that mean I  do not need coaxial cable for any of the boxes except the main genie and the bridge thing?  And with the bridge thing, does it only require one coax cable to it or multiple ones?  Also, if I go this route, the modem, router, bridge and 3 wireless genies would all be in the basement so would the quality and reliability of the picture be good.  Also, if I did this the main genie would be in the living room one floor up from the modem and router, does the main Genie have WIFI capability since I will not be able to connect an Ethernet cable to it?  The 5th genie mini, would be in mt bedroom two floors up from the bridge but I have a coax in there so I that one would not have to be wireless.

2. My 2nd idea is this, Could I get the one genie when I sign up and forget any others and use regular HD boxes.I currently have (4) H21-200 boxes sitting around that I would love to use.  My questions for those is if I put those in the basement would I have no choice but to run 3 separate coaxial cables for them or can I split the one cable that runs into the room and run all 3 from the splitter.  I would want to be able to watch different channels at the same time obviously.  Also, since I have 4 of my own boxes, does that mean directv would only charge me for the genie per month since I am using my own boxes and only leasing 1 of theirs?

One last thing, when they install my dish, they will need to use a post they drive in the ground to mount the dish too.  Do they carry those with them all the time or do I need to specify that at time of scheduling?

I hope what I have typed makes sense and you guys are able to give me some guidance. 

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Re: Please explain to me if my Genie idea will work

1. I have read that the WVB will handle 3 C41W clients so having the WVB in the basement should work and you would only need the 1 coax.  Haven't read any thing about the picture or sound quality using them. The HR44 Genie does have WiFi built in but there is a wireless CCK for the HR34 but we recommend using the coax hard wire DECA BB or Ethernet cable whenever possible.

2. There is a $6.00 a month additional TV fee regardless if you own the receivers or they are leased.

The tech could use a 4way from the dish to feed the Genie and the upstairs mini and power inserter and a 4way in the basement to feed the three receivers or minis and the DECA BB or just a 2way for the WVB and DECA BB

If the pole mount is the only way to get LOS it will be provided, they dig a hole and pour concrete and up to 20ft of cable will be buried at no cost and $1.00 per foot after the 20ft.

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