Numerical Channel Guide


Numerical Channel Guide

Have performed the search and have found no definitive answers.

Is there a printable channel line up available in numerical order?

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Re: Numerical Channel Guide

login to your account, on the left side middle of the page you will see a section that says "My Snapshot" this will tell you what package you are subscribed to, and below that will be two options, "view my programming" and "view channel lineup". Clicking on "View Channel Lineup" will bring up a pop up window which will show you all channels and their numbers.

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Re: Numerical Channel Guide

Thank you,    I understand clicking on "view channel lineup" will provide an alphabetical line up.   Not a numerical lineup.

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Re: Numerical Channel Guide

The link won't copy for some reason but search on Google for:

directv numerical channel list

It will go to a page with a lot of them but one about 4 down from the top says "Numerical', click on it. It does have a printable version.

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Re: Numerical Channel Guide

while in fact this takes you to a numerical list, is way outdated.  It has the movie channels on the 600 range where the sports channels are right now. But is a good start

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