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Numerical Channel Guide


Numerical Channel Guide

Have performed the search and have found no definitive answers.

Is there a printable channel line up available in numerical order?

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Re: Numerical Channel Guide

login to your account, on the left side middle of the page you will see a section that says "My Snapshot" this will tell you what package you are subscribed to, and below that will be two options, "view my programming" and "view channel lineup". Clicking on "View Channel Lineup" will bring up a pop up window which will show you all channels and their numbers.

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Re: Numerical Channel Guide

Thank you,    I understand clicking on "view channel lineup" will provide an alphabetical line up.   Not a numerical lineup.

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Re: Numerical Channel Guide

The link won't copy for some reason but search on Google for:

directv numerical channel list

It will go to a page with a lot of them but one about 4 down from the top says "Numerical', click on it. It does have a printable version.

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Re: Numerical Channel Guide

while in fact this takes you to a numerical list, is way outdated.  It has the movie channels on the 600 range where the sports channels are right now. But is a good start

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Re: Numerical Channel Guide

channel lineup

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Re: Numerical Channel Guide

There hasn't been a numerical one in a long time. Most people are more interested in finding the channels they enjoy by their name, regardless of what channel number that network ends up on. You can set a customer favorites list to hide any channels you don't use if you need to make your channel surfing easier.


Go to

On their search box: Where can I download a printable PDF of the DIRECTV Channel Lineup?

The lists will be alphabetical.

You can also choose a package specific list. (Family package you have to search separately, and the new Preferred Xtra package still doesn't have a printable list)


But in general channel numbers are sorted.

Your local channels that are available through Directv are the exact same channel number as the over-the-air (OTA) broadcast

100s are PPVs

200s and 300s are the main channels from your package

400s Spanish Programming

500s add on premiums. HBO/Cinemax/Starz/Encore/Showtime, HD Extra Pack, the end of the 500s are the adult Premiums

600s Regional and speciality sport networks

700s Seasonal Sports (NFL Sunday Ticket)

800s Music channels


The 1000s are just the On Demand libraries for your channels. For example SyFy on 244 has SyFy On Demand 1244. PPVs are in the 100s so On Demand PPVs will just list 1100. There are a handful of On Demand only (no live tv version) channels like The Anime Network on 1889


Hope that info may help in the absence of a list in numerical order. There are international package channels as well, but I am not familiar with the sorting of those.

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