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New Genie/WHDVR Setup Confusion


New Genie/WHDVR Setup Confusion

I will be moving into a new house that has just been built. The builder has pre-wired all rooms with RG6 and CAT7 drops. I will be getting new installation with a Genie in the main living room and a Genie Mini in the upstairs family room. I plan on having the coax in both of those rooms dedicated to the DTV feed and the coax in an upstairs office dedicated to the internet feed that will be supplied by Time Warner. In that office I planned to have that coax line feed into the cable modem which wires into my router. I would then hook up the router to the network connection in that room to feed the wired network.

I've been able to answer some of my questions through this forum, but am still very confused about the CCK, DECA and getting an internet connection to the Genie. Here are my questions:

1. If I can run an ethernet cable from the network port in the living room straight to the Genie providing internet, why would I need a CCK?

2. I think I understand why I need a DECA (to provide internet access over the DTV coax network), but can it use the ethernet/internet feed described in question 1?

3. Or does the DECA have to wire directly into the router? And if that's the case, do I need to have the cable modem/router/DECA placement near the splitter/switch that feeds the DTV installer will install? Or can the DECA attach to the ethernet feeding the Genie?

4. Just to be clear, if I've got (in the living room where the Genie is) one coax connection supplying the DTV signal and one network connection supplying an internet feed, am I good to go?

I just need to make sure my wiring is setup for what I'm trying to do and I can work with the installers to get everything setup where it needs to go. Thanks.

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Re: New Genie/WHDVR Setup Confusion

1. if you can run an Ethernet to the Genie, you dont need a CCK

2. Yes, you can use whiter one but never both

3. see 1 & 2

4. Yes

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