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LG TV and external speakers


LG TV and external speakers

I have:

LG 47LN5400 TV (new, but not a "smart TV")

H25-100 DirecTV receiver

Logitech Z623 external speakers

When I connect the red/white audio from the speakers to the receiver, I get sound from both the TV and the speakers, but the remote will only adjust the volume on the TV.

When I previously had Time Warner Cable, an old "box" TV, and the same speaker system, the TWC remote could control the speaker volume, presumably through the cable box.

I read a recent post from someone who described the same problem with a different brand of TV and sound bar, and they later commented that they "figured it out" so I assume there is some way to make this work.

I called DirecTV tech support and they could not help and sounded skeptical that it had worked with TWC, because the speakers themselves cannot be controlled remotely. However, it DID work with TWC, and the only components were the crappy old TV, the cable box, and the speakers.



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Re: LG TV and external speakers

DTV receivers have no volume controls so you will need an A/V receiver or external speakers with volume control/sound bar.

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Re: LG TV and external speakers

You only option for those speakers without investing a lot of cash is if by

Chance that new TV has rca audio out

On the back panel also check if it has the 3.5mm audio out looks like a headphone jack

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Re: LG TV and external speakers I looked at your setup this is a cheap fix that will allow you to hook those speakers directly to the digital

Optical out on your TV

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Re: LG TV and external speakers

I think you will be happier dropping 150$ on a lg sound bar with digital optical out

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Re: LG TV and external speakers

Wow - thank you for the quick responses!

dtvuser2013: the TV has red/white L/mono Audio R jacks. Is that what you mean by RCA? I get no sound from the speakers when I connect to the TV audio jacks, and can find no settings on the TV to adjust audio except turn the TV speakers on or off, which makes no difference.

I'll also look into the Walmart converter thing.

I just spent $100 on the Logitech speakers less than 2 years ago. Since they worked with TWC and my ancient TV, I figured they would work with a new TV and DirecTV.

Was easier when you just walked over to the TV to change channels/volume. :-)


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