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How do I connect my Directv to the internet?


How do I connect my Directv to the internet?

Directv sent me their Cinema connection kit, and it arrived today.  The e-mail stating they would send it included a link to your website with installation instructions.  What I received doesn't match the info in the installation instructions.

I received a DCA2PRO-01 DECA Broadband adaptor and power supply.

I did not receive a CCK-W wireless connection device to attach to my DVR.

Is this something different than what is posted on the website? or did I receive the wrong item?

I have a HR24-500 receiver with whole home DVR set up

I also have a wired/wireless Comtrend DSL modem for my internet service.



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Re: How do I connect my Directv to the internet?

Hi Mike!

Depending on how and where a DECA is used on a customer's installation, it's the same as a CCK.

However, if you have a HR24-500 it already has a built in DECA. I would call back and ask for a CCK-W it is 25.00 with a 6.99 s&h fee.

If you have a wireless router, you can connect the CCK-w to the back of your receiver and connect it to the internet. It acts as a wireless adapter for the back of your receiver.

I would definetely call and ask to speak to a CSR in tech spt to get some additional guidance as to why you were ordered a Deca instead of a CCK

-Jenny/Tech Support

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Re: How do I connect my Directv to the internet?

They sent you the wrong device.  However, a hard wired set up is much more reliable than a wireless one.  if you feel adventurous, you can run a coax from your router location to your SWM splitter and install the DECA BB next to your router.  you can also call DirecTV and request professional installation to have a tech install this for you.  Perhaps they can waive the install fee since they made a mistake.

or if you want the less preferred wireless set up, call DirecTV and have them send you the correct adapter.

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