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HR24-100 With RF Remote Problem


HR24-100 With RF Remote Problem

I can not get my replacement HR24-100 to work with a RC65R remote in the RF mode. The same remote set up fine on a HR23-700 is the RF mode. I borrowed a friends RC65RX and it would not work either.

Before you asked I first set the DVR to RF mode and then programmed the remote for RF mode. Note: I was able to set it up on the HR23-700 first try!

This HR24-100 replaced another HR23-700 that died.

The reason I what to use RF is that the IR on the HR24-100 is spotty at best and really requires aiming directly at the receiver like no other that we own.

I followed another suggestion and put a piece of blue painters tape over the window on the front of the HR24-100, and IR works better! However I would like to get RF working.

Thanks Chris

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Re: HR24-100 With RF Remote Problem

Try reseting the remote first mute select wait for flashes


Then try rf setup from scratch

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Re: HR24-100 With RF Remote Problem

With hr24 being a second receiver, are you attempting to program the av1 or av2 device? Those devices won't take the RF remote programming unless it first has an IR code from 00001-00008 programmed to it.

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Re: HR24-100 With RF Remote Problem

Well I made another RF remote gain this afternoon. I have a Sharp Aquos 32" TV a friend gave me for my office. He took it out of his motorhome, and it was a great display. It has this large external multi-media box that is remote to the TV. So I took an old RC64R and programmed it for RF on the H20-100 was was able to move the DTV receiver off to the side on a desk/book case. TV IR sensor is on the display, so I can now run this setup without worrying about the separation of the devices. The multi-media box has a TV input, so I have my display on DVI and can use the TV as a second display on a VGA cable.

Now if I can get the HR24-100 working on RF I can install a nice smoked doors to hide it, the router and I bunch of other components in two levels of that entertainment center. I have a couple new RC66RX's coming to start fresh with that challenge.


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