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Genie Remote will not control Volume on Vizio TV


Genie Remote will not control Volume on Vizio TV

I just changed out my TVs and got a new Vizio P65F1. I followed the instructions to Pair the Genie Remote and am having problems with the Control. The Genie turns the TV  and the DVR off and On but won't control the volume. I am not using the Tuner on the TV and there is no Sound Bar. I press Mute and Enter and follow the instructions. It automatically finds my TV and says it is successful. I test the Volume up and at this point it works (Volume shows up on the TV screen). I can increase/decrease volume with my Genie. All appears good. I then click on "It Works" and the Volume control no longer works. I have to use the TV remote to change the volume. Everything else is fine. I have tried the alternate Codes and get the same results (although some don't work at all) I found some Codes on Direct site that could be entered but I can't find a way to manually enter codes. I tried DirectTV Tech Support and they were worthless. After some basic troubleshooting they just told me that the Genie can't control all TVs. So right now I have to use two Remote controls -- one for channels/DVR/OFF/On and one for volume control. Any ideas? 

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‎11-28-2018 11:56 AM

Re: Genie Remote will not control Volume on Vizio TV

Problem is that my Remote was locked to a Soundbar from previous TV. See https://forums.att.com/t5/Watching-DIRECTV/Genie-remote-volume-problem/td-p/5525658   (The only issue is the code for clearing the Remote is 981 not 980). Once you clear the remote all is well. 

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