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Genie, Mini, DVR, and HD Receiver Upgrade


Genie, Mini, DVR, and HD Receiver Upgrade

I called in to DirecTV this evening to find out if we were eligible for an upgrade to an additional HD DVR only to find out that we were eligible for an upgrade to the Genie with 2 minis.  I was avoiding the Genie because I misunderstood that if you had a Genie you HAD to replace the regular HD boxes (H24-H25).  I was able to get clarification from the DirecTV rep that that my understanding was INCORRECT and I have confirmed it on these forums.

Here is my current configuration:

     - 5 TVs with boxes

          - 1 HR24 DVR

          - 2 H24 HD Boxes

          - 1 H25 HD Box

          - 1 D12 SD Box

     - SWM 8 single wire dish (although 4 wires are still running to the dish, only 1 is active.

I don't want to lose any functionality, and I believe I will if the two Genie minis are installed.  My concern is on the rare occasion that I would be using all 5 tuners (between recording and watching), I don't want to force one of the other TVs to watch something that is being recorded. 

The way I see it, why would I want the minis?  If I replace the D12 with the Genie, that would leave me with the 3 HD Boxes plus the HD DVR.  So if I replaced two of the HD Boxes with minis, I would essentially be losing 2 tuners.  I really don't see the advantage to doing that. 

Configuration I would like:

     - 1 HR34/44 (5 Tuners)

     - 1 HR24 DVR (2 Tuners)

     - 2 H24 HD Boxes (2 Total Tuners)

     - 1 H25 HD Box (1 Tuner)

This would end up requiring 10 Tuners, which would not be supported by SWM-8, correct?  Would it be possible to get the SWM changed to a 16 without incurring additional costs?  Am I completely off base and spent the last 3 hours making myself more confused?

As a follow up question, if I did take the Genie with 2 Minis, that would mean that in the event I was recording 5 things, the two minis would be either be a) forced to watch one of the 5 things being recorded or b) watch something that was recorded on either the Genie or the DVR?

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Accepted by Anonymous
Accepted by Anonymous
‎10-18-2013 9:04 PM

Re: Genie, Mini, DVR, and HD Receiver Upgrade

You can do what you want to do, and I would in fact recommend your preferred installation.  That would require a regular LNB and an external SWM16 multiswitch, which should be provided with the Genie upgrade.

The main advantage of having the client is that it gives you full control of the Genie as if you were sitting in front of it directly. You have access to all of the menus and functions (except PIP). But it does use one of the Genie tuners for live viewing. If you use an HD receiver, you can still schedule a recording on the Genie, but you can't access all of the other menu functions, to do list, etc.

To your follow up question, yes.

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Re: Genie, Mini, DVR, and HD Receiver Upgrade

Thanks for the quick reply @carl6!  I'm glad I was pretty close with my understanding.

I definitely think it would be better to keep the standard HD boxes.  I don't see any situation where we would get the benefit of having full control of the Genie with the minis.  But I do see some situations where the HD Boxes would be beneficial. 

Is it best to address this during the ordering process or with the tech once they show up?  The phone rep I talked to seemed very convincing that the minis were the best way to go.  So I'm wondering if I would just agree to that setup if I could change it once the install date arrives.

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Re: Genie, Mini, DVR, and HD Receiver Upgrade

Make sure your order is built exactly the way you want it when it is all done. The installer does not have much flexibility on what they can do/change when they arrive.  Be sure the customer service rep you speak to understands exactly what you expect to end up with.  If you can't get it done right with the person you are speaking with, politely thank them for their help, cancel the order and call back and speak to someone else.  Not all CSRs are equal.

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