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Genie 2 new install


Genie 2 new install

So we want our bedroom list to not show in the other rooms. We have all clients set to OFF for home sharing. This is a brand new genie 2 set up yesterday. No matter what we do all rooms show the list. Is there a trick we’re missing? They want to send us another Genie 2 suggesting this brand new one is defective. 

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‎08-05-2019 5:08 AM

Re: Genie 2 new install

Another genie 2 will not resolve the issue. With the genie system there is no way to block sharing between the genie and clients. The typical way to resolve this is to add a stand alone receiver to the account (either an HD/HDDVR receiver). That HD or HDDVR would then go in your bedroom and sharing could be turned off. Unfortunately stand alone receivers cannot be added on an account that has a genie 2 active.


You may be able to call in and change from the genie 2 to a regular genie (hr44 or hr54). Then you would also be able to add a stand alone receiver. 


The typical lease cost for the stand alone receiver is as follows: $99 for an HD receiver and $199 for an HDDVR. There will most likely be a separate charge to switch from the genie 2 to a different system depending on available promotions.

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Re: Genie 2 new install

Thank you. Since it’s been literally less than 24 hours I would think they would not charge me to switch back. The image does appear to be better unless that is a placebo effect. We could just stay this way and have our unmentionables buried deep at the bottom of the list? Wonder why there are all those options for room sharing if they don’t work. Maybe one day they? Again thanks for the help. 

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Re: Genie 2 new install

Just a thought how about using directv app on a Roku in the bedroom 

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Re: Genie 2 new install

@beno1277 wrote:

Just a thought how about using directv app on a Roku in the bedroom 

The DirecTV app is not available on Roku or any other media streaming device. It is only on mobile devices (smart phone/tablet) and is not allowed to be cast to a TV.


To watch on TV you must pay for that TV being authorized on the service, so having it connected to a DirecTV box.


The original issue was the OP wanted to hide recordings. Cannot do that with the Genie-2 (HS17) as only allows Clients which are an extension of the main Genie. Clients must always see what the Genie has, they are not dedicated DVRs. The regular Genie line (HR34, HR44, HR54) allows HDDVRs (and even HD non-DVRs) instead of Clients. That allows you to have separate settings per box and have more capacity for tuners and recording space.

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