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DirecTV remote and Samsung TV.


DirecTV remote and Samsung TV.

My parents just got a Samsung UN46ES6003 and we have it all hooked up to their DirecTV. Everything works fine, except we have to use the Samsung remote to turn the tv on and control the volume. I found a list of codes on DrecTV's site so that the DirecTV remote will do all that.


Here's the problem. It says hold "mute" and "select" until the LED blinks and then put in the code. Well, the LED is not blinking. The Samsung remote does not have a "select" button, only an "enter" button. Seems like they would be the same thing, but there's no blinking, so I can't even try any of the codes. Any ideas?

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Re: DirecTV remote and Samsung TV.

Never mind. I was using the Samsung remote, when I should have been doing it with the DirecTV remote. All is working fine now. Thanks.

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