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Connecting DirecTV Cinema Wireless connection kit


Connecting DirecTV Cinema Wireless connection kit

I am trying to connect my new DirecTV Cinema connection kit and keep getting an error saying that my wireless security key was not accepted.  So far I have reset the kit, reset my receiver (and restored default settings), reset my router, changed SSID and password to not include special characters, and tried my other receiver.  All of my other wireless devices connect with no problem so I am sure the security key was correct.  Also my laptop sees a strong signal in the same location as the Cinema connection kit.  Any ideas?


Reciever is HR21/700

SWM connection

router is Netgear WGT624 WPA security.

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Re: Connecting DirecTV Cinema Wireless connection kit

I am assuming that you are using the Directv model DCAW1R0-01 Wireless Cinema Connection Kit?  If you tried setting this up with punctuation characters in either the network name or the password, resetting the device might help.  If you do the following exactly as listed and in the proper order, you should connect.  Note that you must use the coax option to connect.


 Disconnect the CCK from the DVR but leave the AC connected. Use a ball point pen to reset the CCK in the small hole on the back. Check that the router has DHCP enabled (essential) and has no MAC or firewall enabled. Assure that the network name and password contains no symbols other than numbers and letters. Disconnect AC from the router for two minutes then re connect. Reconnect the coax to the DVR and do a red button (inside card door) reset of the DVR.  When it's all booted up do thus: Menu -> .....setup -> system setup -> network setup -> restore defaults -> Your system is now clear of any previous settings. Connect the coax from the CCK to the DVR and select your network and enter the password. You may get an invite to connect, is so, accept. 

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Re: Connecting DirecTV Cinema Wireless connection kit

Thanks for the response dcd.  Yes it is a model DCAW1R0-01 from Directv.  All the research I did says that with my HR21 dvr, I should connect via ethernet.  Would I need an adapter to connect ethernet and coax?  I think I need an HR24 to connect with only coax. 


What I did find is that I can connect using WEP, but not with WPA.  Also tried a D-Link router that I had laying around with the same results.


So at this point I tried exactly what you suggested with the exception of the coax connection.  I was a little hesitant to connect coax since I have the SWiM power source on that and not sure how that might affect the wireless kit.  Since the WEP worked that probably isn't the issue anyway.  Have you heard of issues with WPA before?

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Re: Connecting DirecTV Cinema Wireless connection kit

The Directv wirless kit DCAW1R0-01 is built to connect to both different Satellite systems. If using the traditional KA/KU system then the only route is to connect it with the Ethernet caable. With the single wire system it can be connected using the coax connections instead and then any receivers with a DECA reciever will use that single wireless connection to connect to the Internet, note that when connected using the coax you don't use the Ethernet cable connections.

Now the kit can connect to any wireless connection as long as you put the security access code in the same way it is shown on the router. If the characters in the code are lower case then you must enter them in as lower case on the setup. You have to keep pressing the keys when selecting the character until the lower case section shows up.
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Re: Connecting DirecTV Cinema Wireless connection kit

Quote: Originally Posted by tonis 

 All the research I did says that with my HR21 dvr, I should connect via ethernet.   I think I need an HR24 to connect with only coax. 


Spot on, you are correct except if you have Whole Home DVR service the DECA modules make the HR21 the equivalent of the HR24.  In that case you would use the coax connection.

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