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Can RF remote change channels through a wall?


Can RF remote change channels through a wall?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm remodeling my kitchen and want to eliminate the cable box from the room and place a flat-panel TV on the wall. Because the room is small, I think I could put the box on a shelf in the adjoining garage. Will purchasing a universal RF remote all me to change channels through the wall without having to actually go into the garage to change the channel?
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Re: Can RF remote change channels through a wall?

If you have a DirecTV receiver that is capable of RF remote control and the remote is a DirecTV universal RF remote, then the answer is yes.

The only current DirecTV receivers that are RF capable however, are the H20 HD receiver, the HR20 HD DVR and the R15 SD DVR. If you have one of those, you can get the universal RF remote and antenna from DirecTV. (Or, you may already have an RF capable remote... Look for an FCC sticker on the back of the remote.)

For receivers that do not have built-in RF remote capability, you can buy aftermarket 'remote extenders' that will let you use the standard IR remote control through walls and around corners.
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Re: Can RF remote change channels through a wall?

Unfortunately, DIRECTV BRAND RF remotes DO NOT work with the R15 SD DVR. I have the R15 100 and while my remote is "IR/RF" and I have attached the antenna to the receiver, the RF setup doesn't take. I called DirecTV technical support and was told that *even though the remote is "RF capable" and my receiver has "RF setup"* there is NO DirecTV remote that will function in RF mode with my receiver. IT ONLY WORKS WITH HD RECEIVERS. I was told by the tech support person that I will have to buy some other brand's RF capable remote and antenna if I'm to have any chance of it working. She couldn't suggest one that would actually work, however. She said that even though DirecTV advertises RF capability on my receiver type, "It's something that will be available at some point in the future." But NOT ANY TIME SOON.
I feel so burned by the FALSE ADVERTISING. My friends who have D!$# Net. say they've got RF and it works. Even though I only just got this new receiver/dvr today, I am so upset I'm thinking about switching to that other service.
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Re: Can RF remote change channels through a wall?

You sure know alot after a day. You were given the wrong info. The RF has worked on the R15 for over a year, unofficially, now its a official function. As you see from this thread:

The r15 doesn't come with RF remote or antenna. The remote you're trying to program does it have FCC sticker on the back? If it doesn't it isn't a RF remote. Theres you problem.

If you have a RF remote and antenna, with the antenna plugged in, lets try the following: Enter menu of the receiver:

1. menu> settings> setup> remote> IR/RF>
2. you will see IR or RF, click whichever to reveal both
3. press RF
4. Done, the remote won't work any longer, do the following on the remote:

a) dtv device
b) press and hold MUTE & SELECT for two blinks
c) enter 0 0 0 0 1

d) dtv device
e) press and hold MUTE & SELECT for two blinks
f) enter 9 6 1
g) press CH UP
h) enter the last 6 digits of the receiver ID #, found on a sticker in the access card compartment
i) press SELECT
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Re: Can RF remote change channels through a wall?

My R15s work fine with RF remotes and have since last Winter, well before RF was officially supported. I have two -500s, but have seen reports of RF working wth -100 and -300 versions as well. Unfortunately, some of the tech support people haven't caught up with the current state of affairs. Follow Tivoburkee's instructions and it should work fine. If not, then you're either doing something wrong or have defective equipment.
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