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Camping RV help please!! SD channels ending?!


Camping RV help please!! SD channels ending?!

I’ve read rumors online that DirecTV announced they would cease carrying all SD channels in 2019 (8 months away). My family has an RV that is constantly used for camping trips all over. My family has DirecTV at home and wants DirecTV in the RV. They do not really care if it is in SD as long as they can watch. The Winegard TRAV’LER (for RV’s) is over 50 pounds, has to be professionally installed, and it costs over $1,500. They would much prefer to use a product by King Connect called the Quest Pro. The Quest Pro is $550, so it’s much cheaper, it’s extremely lightweight, does not require professional installation, and it automatically aligns the dish wherever you set it. However, the Quest Pro can only receive signals from the 101° satellite and it states you only get SD channels. What is our best option?  Is it true that products for RV’s like the Quest Pro that only get SD channels will stop working in 8 months?  What are we supposed to do to get DirecTV in the RV?  The DirecTV app is not a viable option, because cell phone reception at several of these campgrounds is very limited at times.  Thanks.

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Re: Camping RV help please!! SD channels ending?!

Nice try Directv rules. Excellent customer service...
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Re: Camping RV help please!! 7 SureSD channels ending?!

Whats going away is mpeg2 support which is the video compresion codec used by sd only receivers. You will have to get an mpeg4 or hd receiver h20-h24, or h25 if your swm capable in order to keep getting programing. If you think about it a broadcast satellite is just a repeater. It doesn't decode signals  such mpe4 it just receives a terrestrial signal and sends it back down to earth with a radio kown by satellite aficionados as a transponder.Since mpeg2 uses much more bandwith than mpeg4 the 101 and 119 ku satellites  are easily reporpoused  for mpeg4. Your old dish even if its a tripod mounted round18 will still get programing as long as you get an mpeg4  hd box. Now wether you get true  "free" HD just because you have an hd capable receiver or a down converted video signal remains to be seen.Your mpeg2 box will probably say771. One problem you may have is if you have an In Motion KVH tracking dish and it requires an M10 receiver to operate. The M10 as I read has some type of feedback loop which is part of the self tracking KVH system. M10 uses mpeg2 codec. If this is the case then KVH will have to come up with a sat box or fix that will address the Mpeg4 requirement necessary to keep receiving directv programng. I would call KVH for more info. 

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Re: Camping RV help please!! SD channels ending?!

@mikexray wrote:

.... Your old dish even if its a tripod mounted round18 will still get programming as long as you get an hd box. ..... 

Good points. But a dish that can only receive the 101º satellite won't receive all of the channels in your subscription package. That's because many channels are or will be beamed from the 99 and 103º satellites, which that dish cannot receive. 


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