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COAX wiring question


COAX wiring question

I am remodeling and trying to make sure I don't drywall myself into a problem.  I have a Genie with a total of 3 TVs.  I was under the impression that I absolutely needed to wire home runs for each TV back to the dish but that seems like a lot of cable routing for no reason.  Is there a way to create a central termination point, in a closet for example, where all TVs get connected to and then send a COAX out to the dish from there? 

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Re: COAX wiring question

Having a central point where all cable runs end is the most common method.  If you have less than 8 tuners, you can have only one cable run to the dish.  More than 8 tuners, you'll need 4 cables to the dish.  Genie has 5 tuners, HR2x DVRs have 2, H2x receivers have 1 and Genie clients use one of the Genie's tuners.

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Re: COAX wiring question

We always recommend coax at least to the room but now with the C41W mini out you may not need coax to each wall but you will still need Ethernet cables for any non DTV devices.

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