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Boston Acoustics TVee26 and RC66RX

Boston Acoustics TVee26 and RC66RX

I have a Samsung Smart TV, Boston Acoustics TVee26 Soundbar and RC66RX control from DTV.  I cannot get the RC66 and TVee26 properly programmed to handle volume up/down and mute, despite following BA TVee26 learning instructions.  No matter what button I "program" to the TVee26 from the RC66, the volume only increases.  BA technical support also does not have an answer.I also cannot find a code for the RC66 controller for the TVee26.  Any solutions/workarounds?

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Re: Boston Acoustics TVee26 and RC66RX

What model DirecTV DVR/Receiver do you have?

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Re: Boston Acoustics TVee26 and RC66RX

Genie but for this remote is using a mini.

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Re: Boston Acoustics TVee26 and RC66RX

So BA can be taught the commands from any IR remote? If so, before using the Directv remote has a source, turn off the extra signal added to each button press for cleaner learns:

1. tv

2. press and hold MUTE & SELECT, wait for two blinks, release

3. enter 9 6 3

4. press CH Down

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Re: Boston Acoustics TVee26 and RC66RX

Thanks.  I tried but no luck.  Still everything is still "volume up" (mute, vol down, vol up).

Here is what I did:


mute + select for two flashes, release

entered 963

Ch down

Then tried to re-teach BA system.  Same result.

Any other thoughts?



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Re: Boston Acoustics TVee26 and RC66RX

Is there a tv code programmed into the remote? If not the vol up, down and mute keys all have the same IR command on them, an IR command that only good for initiating message at the bottom of receiver screen  telling you to program tv code into the remote. The volume will not work without a tv code in.

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Re: Boston Acoustics TVee26 and RC66RX

i have same problem with sony kdl46v tv and tvee26 soundbar (hooked up via rca cables, as optical out will not work), even after programming tv remote to soundbar first and then progamming it to be read by directv remote...but after hours of struggles, here's my high tech solution: velcroed the small soundbar remote to back of directv nifty

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Re: Boston Acoustics TVee26 and RC66RX

Cool and elegant.  Thanks for the tip.



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Re: Boston Acoustics TVee26 and RC66RX

i'm still mystified why i can't get the directv remote to work the tv26 audio on my sony kdl tv...i can get it to work using the tv remote and programming the dtv remote will work everything but sound...wonder if this particular tv is the problem...i cannot use the optical out as i have been led to believe that on this set (vintage 2006)it is only for audio from ota antennae my audio is reaching soundbar via rca connection...

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Re: Boston Acoustics TVee26 and RC66RX

The correct way to connect your DirecTV receiver would be using the optical out the receiver to the sound bar

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