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Apartment Installation Question


Apartment Installation Question

I had 2 technicians come out yesterday to install and they were looking at the apartment and the wiring and said they would have to drill a hole through the brick and wall because the cable company had the wire going into the apartment. Unfortunately the landlord was busy when they were here an had to leave. One of the guys was trying to come up with other ways they could do it and the main technician kept saying no. Just the day before the people across the street had DirectTV installed and the property manager said the technicians were trying to find every way possible not to install even after the manager approved it. The people ended up calling the technicians supervisor and they installed it with no problems. After all that I have a few questions if anyone knows:

1) Is there any other way they can install the service without drilling a hole for the wire

2) They said some tree branches could be in the way of the sight but if you literally just turn the dish 6 inches there is a clear view, at least if it is facing south it will work correct?

3) Does it happen often that technicians will come out and try to make up excuses why they can't install??

Any help or answers would be great. They are coming back out here tomorrow to tell my landlord what they will have to do and get permission. Just want to make sure I am prepared and questions I should ask them.

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Re: Apartment Installation Question

1. Flat cable could be used, but most of the time, flat cable create more problems that it solves.

2. The dish can't be aim where ever you want, it has to face at an specific spot on the sky

3. Sure, dont know if "often" is the right term, but it has happened in the past.

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