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Another Soundbar question - I've searched and tried...

Another Soundbar question - I've searched and tried...

I know there are a few threads going - and a lot of advice.  I have read them, and have not had luck.  I have programmed the remotes many time before without this kind of trouble.  Here is my setup:

H25 Receiver w/external antenna

RC65RX remote configured to RF

Soundbar connected via optical cable

Samsung HW-FM45C soundbar.

Remote is currently programmed for a Panasonic TV (read that this is required to make the volume buttons functional...which they are)

I have gone through the on screen menu and tried to program the bar to AV1.   I have used the following codes (which is all of the suggested codes from the on screen, plus everything I have found on this forum)








I have read that the receiver has to send the code to the remote - I am not sure what the really means to be honest.  I understand that the 65RX can have 2 way comm with the receiver - but I am not sure if I am missing something where I physically tell the receiver to update the remote or something.

I have also tried the adivice from the other thread from

set the slide switch to AV1 or AV2

1. Press and hold MUTE and SELECT (LED flashes twice)

2. Enter 991 LED flashes

3. Enter 3

4. press VUL UP

5. Press CH UP until the volume raises

5. When the volume raises on your SB, press SELECT to save the code, if you passed, press CH DN

once you get the volume now you need to lock it

set the slide switch to AV1 or AV2

1. Press and hold MUTE and SELECT (LED flashes twice)

2. Enter 993

3. Press SELECT

which diid not have luck either.

I am getting close to returning the soundbar at this point - I refuse to use 2 remotes for this.

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Re: Another Soundbar question - I've searched and tried...

You could try to connect the Soundbar to a TV Audio output and control the VOL through the TV.

When you tried  Code 31295 [suggested from the DirecTV Site] did pressing and releasing the PWR key turn the Soundbar off?


Audio Tab

Brand: Samsung

Model (optional): HW-FM45C

We could not find an exact match, we think this code will work.


Setup Instructions
1.Set the "Mode Switch" to Device 3.  [AV1 or AV2]
2.Press and hold the "Mute" button and the "Select" button until the visible LED blinks twice.
3.Enter the 5 digit Code above.  [LED blinks twice]
4.Try your new code [press PWR key ... should turn Soundbar Off] and tell us how it worked!

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Re: Another Soundbar question - I've searched and tried...

I followed those directions - they did not work.

I can have the soundbar connected via HDMI and use the ARC function to control the volume - however, that has its own problems.  Connected that way, the soundbar does not turn on with the TV.

Having the directv remote learn the soundbar an the AV1 slot is the ideal solution, and should be achievable.  I just feel like I am missing something.

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Re: Another Soundbar question - I've searched and tried...

Ok - I got it working.  Heres what I did.

In the basement where this is going, I have an H25 box as I said.  It is setup with the RF antenna and mounted behind my TV.   This receiver should have been capable of programming this remote, but I didn't have luck.   Upstairs, I have an H24.   I brought my soundbar up there and brought up the RC65RX remote.  I went through the programming process up stairs.   On the H24, it not only asks you for a make (Samsung) but also a model number (HW-FM45C).   This model number, of course, is not in the list.    I selected 'don't know my model number' instead.  

The receiver said to point the remote at the receiver at which time it programmed the remote for me.  The first code did not work, so I selected 'next code' and it programmed the remote again.    This, I assume is what people mean about the 2 way communication and the receiver programming the remote - the H25 may not have this capability (mine downstairs did not do this).

On the second shot, it worked.  I was able to kill the power to the soundbar using the RC65RX.  I then locked the volume in so when the remote is in the normal mode it turns on the TV/cable box but uses the soundbar for volume controls.

I went back and pulled the code off of the remote - the code it used for the HW-FM45C was   32660

I confirmed this by hand programming the 32660 code into the AV2 spot - and that worked as well.    

From what I understand the 65RX may not have this code available to it without getting it from the cable box - I don't know.  All I know now is that the remote has the information it needs.

As it stands now, I can use the 65RX to turn on the cable box, TV.... switch the switch to AV1, turn on the soundbar, then switch back to the directv and control the soundbar volume and cable box with the that mode.  This is exactly what I wanted.     The sound bar is only connected via optical cord which makes it much easier to hide (vs the 2 HDMI cord option)

Hope this helps someone - I was  inches away from returning this soundbar.

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