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channel switching to record a program


channel switching to record a program

I have the genie and use clientc31-700 in 3 rooms with the server in another room. There have been a few times when wife watching a client and at say 9 pm her client says it has to switch channels to record a program. She freaks and yells to me, i check and only 2 programs are set to record so why does she have to switch channels? if she doesn't and ignores it it forces the switch to the channel that is recording. I thought we could have a total of 5 streams with this system? what gives?

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Re: channel switching to record a program

You have 5 tuners to use for recording but you can only stream 3 out from the Genie.

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Re: channel switching to record a program

Are the other clients ON? with a Genie a 3 clients all ON at same the time, you can only record one show at the same time. 

you are correct the Genie can have up top 5 streams, but every time a Genie clients comes ON, it takes away one stream

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