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Wireless Connection Kit Renders Home Network Useless


Wireless Connection Kit Renders Home Network Useless

My wife and I just recently moved from a house into a new apartment. We had this same issue with the DirecTV at the old house with a completely different Wireless Connection Kit. We are also using a completely different router in our apartment.


The WCK connects to my network, establishes a connection, then causes IP conflicts with every other wireless/wired device on the network. Unplug the WCK and reboot my router/wireless devices and it fixes the issue. I've read countless forums where people have complained about this piece of hardware.


Where my TV is setup, there is no way to run a hard cat5 to it from my router, so wireless is required to get the on-demand to work. We're currently using a HR34/700 in the living room and a HR24/100 in the bedroom. My installer mentioned that the new Genies have internal wireless, is this true? And how would I go about getting a new one to replace our current set-top box? Does the new system cost more per month even though it has the same capabilities?

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Re: Wireless Connection Kit Renders Home Network Useless

Here is the source of your problem.  When the Genie network is operating without the connection kit, the SWM dish assigns IP addresses to each receiver and DVR.  When you connect the W CCK the router sees all of those foreign IP's and conflicts occur.


Disconnect AC power from all the Directv receivers except the one adjacent to the CCK.  Hold the reset button on the back of the CCK-W for 30 seconds. Assure that DHCP is active on your router and no firewall is in place. Disconnect AC power from your router for a minute or so, then reconnect and wait for the router's lights to settle down.  Then on your HD DVR press



MENU      SETTINGS & HELP      SETTINGS      NETWORK SET UP      RESTORE DEFAULTS      CONNECT NOW      GET CONNECTED    WIRELESS. The receiver will then scan for WiFi networks and should find yours. Once it finds your SSID, select your network name. if your network is secured, it will ask you to type in your password. If successful, you will get a message that says "congratulations, your receiver is connected to the internet". Note that your SSID and/or password cannot have any spaces and/or special characters, letters and numbers only.  Once connected, reconnect AC power to each of the remaining Directv receivers.

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Re: Wireless Connection Kit Renders Home Network Useless

Also make sure that no Ethernet cable is connected to  none of the DirecTV receivers

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