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Whole Home DVR/SWIM Installation


Whole Home DVR/SWIM Installation

Hi  there,


I have some questions and seek your advice about the installation of my DirecTV system, and the associated challenges this may be creating to install WHole Home DVR.


My installation contains two 6x8 multiswitches.  One is at the satellite dish, the other is inside the home.  The installation involved splitting the wires from the satellite, directing 4 into the 6x8 outside and 4 to the 6x8 inside the home.


Time and time again, when I have installers visit the home they begrudge this configuration, but never fix it.  


Now that I am ordering the Whole Home DVR and SWM installation, it's apparent that this split configuration has finally come up against the technical requirements where splitting from the dish wont work any longer.


I'd like anyone with knowledge of these systems to kindly correct me if any of my information is wrong.  I believe the installers in my area are not acting responsibly.

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Re: Whole Home DVR/SWIM Installation

Needing the use of 2 WD6x8 switches means your system is meets up to needing between 9 to 16 tuners connected. Well here is a good thing, all you would need is a SWM16 switch to replace the 6x8 that is inside the house. The SWM16 has two output locations on them which each support 8 tuners. So after the tech installers the switch he will have to run one more cable out to the dish from the switch so that he can connect the lines needed on the other 6x8 to either a SWM 4way splitter or a SWM 8way splitter, depending on how many cable lines they will need to connect. So long story short the 4 cable lines from the dish to SWM16 module inside then a SWM splitter will connect the cable lines inside to the SWM Mod and another cable line ran outside to connect 2nd SWM splitter for the connections outside. 

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Re: Whole Home DVR/SWIM Installation

I'm not sure what you expected them to do to 'fix' the current setup, since it is a legitimate arrangement as best I can tell, just not common. However, as irish indicated, much of it would change with a WHDVR install. Because there are apparently cables from the various rooms running to two different places however, they would either have to reroute them all so they all end up in one place, or put splitters for the SWiM system in two places; much like you have two multiswitches now.

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Re: Whole Home DVR/SWIM Installation

Here's a diagram of a typical SWM16 installation.

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