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WHDVR and Router Question


WHDVR and Router Question

After a year and a half, my WHDVR problems have returned.  In 12/13, I resolved the DVR's disconnecting from the home network by assigning IP addresses and not using DHCP.

For the past 6 months or so, I've had problems with HD-DVR's dropping off the home network. I have 2 HR-24's and 1 H23 using the WH Network. For about 4 months, only 1 specific HR24 would disconnect, but both began doing it after about 20 seconds of watching a recording. I also get the msg that a wireless adapter has been detected on that 1 unit. I have assigned IP addresses outside of my DHCP range for all 3 units. 

I just had a tech out and he feels the DSL router speeds are the main issue. When running a speed test, I'm getting 3.1 Mbps download and .39 Mbps upload. He also thought the 1 unit only having 11% storage space left can contribute to the problem. I sometimes have up to 8 devices connected to the router, he also mentioned this can be part of the problem.  I do have a SWM switch. The H23 has an external DECA and the H24's have the internal DECA's. All three boxes are connected via wireless with specific IP addresses. One of the H24's has the CCK connected via coax with the sat cable coming into the CCK.

The CCK is connected via wireless to the router. I understand that if there is no network connection, the units will revert to a 169.xx.xx.xx IP addresses for the WH network via coax; but I'm not sure how to prevent the units from connecting to my network. After the tech left this AM, I moved my router to my TV stand, and oddly enough, I was able to view programs from my 2nd DVR to the other DVR for about 2 hours. After that, the disconnect msg has started and the unit is not connected to my wireless if I push the "-" button. After about 2-3 minutes, the network connection will be restored with no intervention.

The frustration comes from DTV giving me different answers on how the WH works. I've been told that my home network has no bearing on the WH, but it seems that the DVR's drop off the WH when the DVR's come disconnected from my wireless network, so it appears there is some interaction. 

Is anyone familiar with the Genie setup with a broadband CCK and ethernet that the tech told me about today? I the more I think about him telling me that is my DSL speed, I can't buy it. There must be tons of folks using DSL and WHDVR's successfully.....

I can upgrade to a Genie setup and he mentioned connecting a broadband CCK directly to the router via ethernet.

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Re: WHDVR and Router Question

The wireless adapter is your cause.You do not need intetnet for whole home service.

Disconnect the wireless adapter and say goodbye to you dropping list

You need a hardwired broadband deca


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Re: WHDVR and Router Question

Thanks for the response.  So can I hardwire the CCK that I know have turned off?  I saw a PDF file from Solid Signal about different methods of setting up WHDVR, it talked about logging into the CCK to disable the wireless connectivity.  I was not able to login to the CCK per their IP address and instructions.  As soon as I power up the CCK, it connects to my router.

I can upgrade to the Genie box and I understand that system can be hardwired to the router.

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Re: WHDVR and Router Question

you can indeed use the CCK-W as a wired DECA.  you can also if you get a Genie, connect an ethernet cable to it and use it as a bridge

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Re: WHDVR and Router Question

Note that if you cannot use DHCP but must manually assign addresses then there is something wrong.  Directv systems are specifically designed to operate with DHCP.  I'd guess you have three problems.  An improper network setup on the DTV boxes, a slow ISP provider, a marginally faulty router.

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