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WD external hard drive issue and fix attempts

WD external hard drive issue and fix attempts

I was having issues with my WD My Book 500GB external HDD that I had been using with my HR21-200 for about 18 months. Whenever I would start up the receiver, it would get stuck in the "receiver self-check mode" and never go to a different screen. I turned off the receiver and unplugged the external HDD to try to pinpoint where the problem was and the receiver started up just fine. All of this happened several months ago and I just got around to trying to find a solution to this problem whether it be trying to get the data off of the HDD and transferring it to a new external hard drive or trying to fix whatever issue was on the external HDD by using a "tuneup" program that is on the receiver itself.

I came across the instructions on how to run the Diagnostics Mode and decided to give it a try. I got everything to work (although once I pressed "Select" when the screen said "Running receiver self-check" I never had an option to select advanced tools or anything it just went right into the "errors found/errors corrected screen) and it found 107 errors and took about 15-20 minutes to fix them all. Now it is still on that same screen, at the top it says "Scanning disk", below that it has the progress bar at 100% and under that it has, "107 errors found. 107 errors corrected". It has been on this screen for close to an hour now and I am just wondering if I should let it stay on this screen for as long as it takes, do a reset by using the rbr on the front of the receiver, or resetting both the receiver and the HDD by unplugging the WD HDD from the outlet and unplugging the HR21 and letting them both sit for 10-15 minutes since it says the errors were corrected.

Any advice on how to proceed now would be greatly appreciated as this is not life or death here because I have been without the additional space for a few months now but after running the diagnostics mode and seeing that errors were corrected, I am somewhat optimistic to see if it may have actually fixed my problem and I could somehow get back all the movies and shows I have on the WD HDD,

One final question, with all the information I have given above, what does anybody believe the outcome of the situation is going to be if you had to guess? I'm not saying you know 100%, but if you had to guess, what would you say I am going to end up with here?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: WD external hard drive issue and fix attempts

Yeah, after posting this I finally was taken to the Hard Drives Utilities screen. I did the SMART Short Test and got a 3016 Fail. I have the protection plan. Will DirecTV replace my external hard drive?

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Re: WD external hard drive issue and fix attempts

No, they won't replace your external eSATA drive.  But perhaps WD might, although it's probably past its warranty.

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