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Troubleshoot Error message


Troubleshoot Error message

I have an Error message saying "Correct HD Dish setup. 99 B-Band Odd." I reset the receiver both ways. How do I address this? Both discussions that I found about this were locked. Strange!

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Re: Troubleshoot Error message

Sounds like a bad b band converter

Its the filter right behind the receiver

That the coax is attached to

Try swapping one from another receiver I'd available

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Re: Troubleshoot Error message

The only other reason I could gather is

You are on the the satellite test channel

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Re: Troubleshoot Error message

That message is what is broadcast on one of the satellite test channels, either 9506 or 9507.  Do you see the same message when you change channels?

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Re: Troubleshoot Error message

As everyone have mentioned, that on-screen message is from the test channel. Try changing channels if you can and see if a new error message shows up.

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Re: Troubleshoot Error message

Try this, enter 202 on your remote control

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Re: Troubleshoot Error message

Thank you all. I discovered that I was indeed on a Test channel, and merely had to switch channels. I have no idea how it happened. I was on the channel when I turned on my television.

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Re: Troubleshoot Error message

To other readers of this thread.  The message "Correct HD Dish setup. 99 B-Band Odd." Is not an error message but rather a confirmation from the test channel that the 99b odd numbered transponders are working correctly.

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Re: Troubleshoot Error message

LOL ...  most people would assume that "correct" is a verb but, in this case, it's an adjective.   

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