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Tivo Thr22 enchanced content problem


Tivo Thr22 enchanced content problem

this is in response sent by litzdog911 when
ever I reply to a post I get a message that says I must refresh the page or log
back on.  Neither one works.

Yes both tuners are up and
running. One other problem is after listening to music channels then going back
to tv none of the rewind, FF, or pause works.  Have to turn receiver
off and back on to get to work.  This problem has been going on since
I got the Tivo.

Thanks for the help but it
still does the same thing cuts off what I am watching to record enhanced

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ACE - Expert

Re: Tivo Thr22 enchanced content problem

Can't think of anything else to recommend.  You could try performing a "Clear and Delete Everything" from the Tivo's reset menu to restore all defaults.  That will, of course, also wipe your recordings.   But you'll lose those anyway if you call for a replacement Tivo, so you give it a try.

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Re: Tivo Thr22 enchanced content problem

Just wondering if you have your TiVo connected to an internet network?

It seems like the "enhanced content" is nothing more than PPV movies.

I can't find any way to stop it unless you do it manually each time it occurs. A real pain in the a**

Especially when you are watching something and the tivo asks to change the channel to record a program with the other tuner on "enhanced content."

Not software or guide info, not even the TiVo suggestions that you can opt out of.

That's in the messages and settings> settings > Recordings > TiVo suggestions > turn off

I don't expect the engineers to bother with this issue though. Directv wants us to get their dvr and Tivo is busy with their equipment.

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Re: Tivo Thr22 enchanced content problem

Yes my unit is hooked to the internet.  I still keeps downloading at 8pm when I am trying to watch some thing and record a show.  I stop it but it keeps doing it every 15 minutes.  Wish Dtv would fix it, but assume they will not as they do not care what long time customer want.


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