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This program is not available to download


This program is not available to download

I have used my GenieGo for months, but now it won't work.  I can see my playlist on my ipad, but every program shows "This program is not available to download".  What is wrong?

On my PC, I can't see any of the playlist, and it says no recorded programs on this device. 

Help me please....

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Re: This program is not available to download

Try resetting your GenieGo by pressing the reset button.

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Re: This program is not available to download

Same thing for me the geniego app (which even in 2x mode is not too spotty) works but the directv app for ipad says same message (not available).  I called hour ago and he said they're working on it.  30 days.  Lots of others are having same issue ipad not working.  The ipad we use my mom got is the latest air 1 week after it came out so its good.  But not working.  So give the engeneers time to fix this.  In the mean time goto and click on the app store link and download the old geniego app that works on both iphone and ipad.  That works for now.  All shows from dvr play and no error message.

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Re: This program is not available to download

I followed the instructions amarjit described above. After installing the IPhone compatible app, initiate the download to iPad  for a short show (30 minutes). Then switch back to the DirecTV app & try downloading a show to your iPad again or verify if your previous downloads are now available.  Just don't delete the iPhone compatible app (you can close it). If you do, it will revert back to not being able to download to iPad again. Maybe this helps until they fix the universal app.

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Re: This program is not available to download

Well ... I have the same problem.  My last successful download to an IPAD was late April, then every program everywhere since was "UNAVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD".  Sigh.  My DirectTV app was version 2.6.5.  My iPAD is A4103 (iPad 3rd gen with Wi-Fi + Cellular) w IOS version 7.1.1 (11D201).  My GenieGo firmware is 1.8.p19-90266.

It works for me now.  I did two things.  I think the second was my REAL issue.

#1.  I found the thread on 2 minute reset.  Apparently that deletes all prepared programs, reformats memory, etc.  Really cleans things up.  I did that twice. 

AFTER, the second 2 minute reset (which, by the way takes about 17 minutes each ... hold the button down for a timed 2 minutes and then that triggers a sequence that seemed to take about 15 more minutes until all three lights on my GG were solid blue again) I could see programs to download. 

My "Yeah" was shortlived.  What happened next I call "Stuck at Prepare".  When I selected programs to download they would go into "Waiting to Prepare", but never did.  After about 30 minutes to an hour, they would silently vanish from the prepare queue and never be downloaded.

So I broke down and called the support number.  There is a second number for the GG experts but you need a PIN (case number) to use it.  It's (800) 442-1635, but again you have to get a PIN assigned first.  They helped me learn that there are two overlay communications methods: the MoCa one and the local network.  If the MoCa one is operating, and ONE of my 6 DVR's could reach the network I would be in this zombie like land.  I could see all the recordings but not download any.  I think the content labels/titles can cross the MoCa network thru the internet connected DVR but the content itself must traverse the local area network directly, or something like that.  Curiously, whole home DVR worked, just not GenieGo.   So content crosses the MoCa network, but just can't be bridged outside of it by a DVR.

SO BASICALLY I discovered I had a network problem with 2 of my 6 DirectTV boxes, and those were 2 of the 3 that could record.  That led to:

#2 I found the network problem.  The small black box DECA ( DirecTV Ethernet-to-Coax Adapter) box that connected (bridged MoCa to Ethernet) to my home network was wedged!!!  I just had to power cycle that black box and the 2 HD DVR's that used white DECABB boxes to connect could suddenly gain internet access.


My problem (which seemed at first to just be GenieGo) may not be yours.  The simple way to judge if you have internet access issues with one or more DVRs is to hit the right arrow on the remote while watching tv and see if the apps load.  If they don't, you have an access problem.   What confused me is that there are really two networks (MoCa and ethernet/Wi-Fi) and any DirectTV box that can connect to the ethernet (or Wi-Fi) "sort of bridges" but only bridges some traffic (like titles), but not all (like content).

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